STC: Putting the Customer at the Center of Their Analytics & Data Strategy to Earn Customer Trust

March 2, 2018

How does a digital, self-service, automated experience increase CSAT, boost revenue, and decrease churn in the highly competitive, historically fickle telco industry? Great question!  For its answer, look no further.  STC is using sophisticated analytics and data to improve their customer’s experience and understand the customer’s journey.  And they’ve done such a good job! STC… Read More »

Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment: Enriching Lives and Making the World Better with Teradata IntelliCloud™

January 25, 2018

What do NBA basketball and minor league baseball teams, Megaplex theatres, a bicycle race, sports apparel stores and a sports arena have in common? Answer: Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment, a diverse group of companies that have now integrated their data to support analytics that are producing business outcomes all over!  How do they… Read More »

Danske Bank: Innovating in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to Detect Sophisticated Fraud

July 25, 2017

What is it about Artificial Intelligence (AI) that excites us data geeks? Is it the delivery of a promise given to us decades ago? Or endless possibilities that AI can give us now?  Probably a little of both. For Danske Bank, it’s giving business outcomes that deliver exciting results and AI is inspiring everyone on… Read More »

Lufthansa Group: Connecting Europe to the World While Keeping the Customer at the Center of Business

June 5, 2017

“Big data costs money. Big analytics earns money.” Have you ever heard a more true statement?  That profound little nugget came from Heiko Merten, Head of Global Sales Business Intelligence Applications at Lufthansa Group.  Heiko knows what he is talking about – last year Lufthansa Group maintained critical profit margins and used that “big data… Read More »

DHL Express: Gaining Insights From a Global Finance Transformation

March 10, 2017

What DHL wants is simple….be “The logistics company for the world.” That fulfills a greater vision to improve the lives of people everywhere, enabling international commerce to boost economic growth with safer deliveries of medical goods and the ability to reach the most remote areas of the world. Revolutionizing the world of logistics takes innovation… Read More »

Lloyds Banking Group: One Ecosystem Serving Multiple Brands Delivering Business Outcomes to Help Britain Prosper

February 7, 2017

Committed to “helping Britain prosper,” Lloyds Banking Group serves 25% of Britain’s first time home buyers and 20% of business start-ups through their multiple brands. Data and analytics are at the core of the bank and are an integral part of Lloyds’ mission for the people of Britain.   “It’s across both operational and analytical… Read More »