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Danske Bank: Innovating in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to Detect Sophisticated Fraud

July 25, 2017

What is it about Artificial Intelligence (AI) that excites us data geeks? Is it the delivery of a promise given to us decades ago? Or endless possibilities that AI can give us now?  Probably a little of both. For Danske Bank, it’s giving business outcomes that deliver exciting results and AI is inspiring everyone on… Read More »

Volvo Cars: Fueling Innovation with Data, Analytics and the Internet of Things so that Every Volvo is “Designed Around You”

December 18, 2015

The use of data has exploded in this century – we’ve all heard the seemingly outrageous statistics on the exponential growth of data. And they’re true! No where is this explosion of data more evident than the automobile industry.  Mechanical engineers, design engineers, data scientists, business analysts… you name it, they are using data in… Read More »

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee: Data-Driven Multi-Channel Marketing

April 14, 2015

Data-driven marketing in healthcare that actually closes gaps in care; saves lives and millions of dollars. That’s exactly what happened when BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee started the Member Centric Decision Management program (MDCM); MDCM enabled a new vision that members would receive the right message at the right time on the right channel all to… Read More »

Etisalat Misr (Egypt): Becoming a Leader with Data-Driven Marketing

September 30, 2014

With more than 30 million subscribers, Etisalat Misr (Egypt) is one of the leading telecom companies in Egypt. Since breaking into the market in 2007, Etisalat has set the competitive bar high, launching the first 3.5G service and continually offering the most competitive rate plans.   The Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud solution alone delivered and contributed… Read More »

Yahoo! JAPAN: Increasing ROI Through Predictive Analytics to Solve Customers Challenges… For a Better Japan

July 2, 2014

こんにちは or Kon’nichiwa – Hello from Japan, where Yahoo! JAPAN is fulfilling their vision of making a better Japan through data.  In the first year alone Yahoo! JAPAN created $100M in ROI through predictive analytics.  Was it really that simple?  Let’s back up a bit.  Yahoo! JAPAN started in 1996 as Japan’s first web portal. … Read More »

Telefónica UK: Connecting People to the Things They Care About Through Data and Analytics

June 25, 2014

“Connecting people to the things they care about.”  that’s the mission for Telefónica UK’s O2 brand.  As the second largest telco provider in the UK, O2 is well positioned to deliver on that promise to its customers. In this data driven era, O2 also capitalizes on the unique position of telco companies to use anonymized data… Read More »

American Eagle Outfitters: Getting to Millennials Through Multi-Channel Marketing and Data

May 8, 2014

“Live your life”, that’s the motto and primary campaign for American Eagle Outfitters. That’s exactly what their target customers, Millennials, do – they live their life with very little brand loyalty.  Millennials love you one minute and move on the next. So, how does American Eagle Outfitters communicate and have a relevant conversation when one… Read More »

Aviva: Driving Forward with Data to be a World Class Digital Insurer

May 1, 2014

  Recently Aviva, a world-class digital insurer, sent their customers daily text messages informing them about the impact of impending weather. Reaching out to customers when they needed Aviva, through a simple campaign, enabled the data driven insurer to build their brand beyond price. “We are trying to change. As I say, our brand’s all… Read More »

Towers Watson: Using Telematics to Mitigate Risk Globally

March 27, 2014

“Telematics is a fantastic advance!” says Towers Watson’s Global UBI Analytics Actuary Tony Lovick.  Telematics data is revolutionizing the auto insurance industry by creating data driven risk and profitability models and rewarding drivers with better rates because of the data. But let’s back up a little.  Global insurance companies are facing challenges, from low interest… Read More »