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Yahoo! JAPAN: Increasing ROI Through Predictive Analytics to Solve Customers Challenges… For a Better Japan

July 2, 2014

こんにちは or Kon’nichiwa – Hello from Japan, where Yahoo! JAPAN is fulfilling their vision of making a better Japan through data.  In the first year alone Yahoo! JAPAN created $100M in ROI through predictive analytics.  Was it really that simple?  Let’s back up a bit.  Yahoo! JAPAN started in 1996 as Japan’s first web portal. … Read More »

Listening to 100M Customers with Unified Data Architecture

November 27, 2013

  How does the biggest wireless carrier in the United States keep their customers happy?  All 100 million of them?  Provide the best network with the best customer experience and listen.  How does Verizon Wireless listen? With a Unified Data Architecture.  Rob Smith, Executive Director of IT at Verizon Wireless told our team, “The traditional… Read More »