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BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee: Data-Driven Multi-Channel Marketing

April 14, 2015

Data-driven marketing in healthcare that actually closes gaps in care; saves lives and millions of dollars. That’s exactly what happened when BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee started the Member Centric Decision Management program (MDCM); MDCM enabled a new vision that members would receive the right message at the right time on the right channel all to… Read More »

Aviva: Driving Forward with Data to be a World Class Digital Insurer

May 1, 2014

  Recently Aviva, a world-class digital insurer, sent their customers daily text messages informing them about the impact of impending weather. Reaching out to customers when they needed Aviva, through a simple campaign, enabled the data driven insurer to build their brand beyond price. “We are trying to change. As I say, our brand’s all… Read More »

Hertz: Finding Gold in Integrated Data

January 27, 2014

Have you heard of a Carfirmation?  If you travel for business or pleasure (much like we do on the Customer Engagement and Success team) you know how cool it is to land and have an email with the exact location and type of car you are about to pick up.  If you don’t like that… Read More »

Welcome to the Teradata Customer Blog!

September 11, 2013

Welcome to the Teradata Customer Blog… where you get to learn first hand how Teradata customers are innovating with data, through analytic data platforms, applications, and services.  You will hear directly from Teradata Customers in the videos and get great insights on innovations. So, who to choose to highlight first?  That was easy. We sat down… Read More »