Hertz: Finding Gold in Integrated Data

By | January 27, 2014

Have you heard of a Carfirmation?  If you travel for business or pleasure (much like we do on the Customer Engagement and Success team) you know how cool it is to land and have an email with the exact location and type of car you are about to pick up.  If you don’t like that car, one click and you can change.  You’ve avoided lines and get to your meeting or vacation that much faster. That’s Carfirmation and just one of the ways Hertz continues to use data and CRM to dominate the rental car market.  Case and point – Hertz is Zagat’s top pick for “Customer Loyalty Program” two years running and they have also received the very coveted Flyertalk award.

How has Hertz done it?  By becoming data driven.  They thoroughly examined the customer experience and created a data architecture that addresses the complexity, size and scale of the $10.5B company.  Hertz has 10,400 global locations in more than 150 countries and at the same time 95% of their customers’ experiences are consistent.  No easy feat. The Hertz team had to start at square one.

Greg Palk, Manager, CRM Applications

“We used Teradata to completely replace our customer database.  It was an old 25-year-old IDMS database that we put onto Teradata itself.  And then on the Teradata Applications side on the TRTIM side we really went with a slow rollout, so we started very small.  I think that really worked well for us because it let us work out the kinks with the technology and then not have customer impacts if something had gone wrong earlier on in the launch.”                      Greg Palk, Manager CRM Applications

Small tests started from the Real Time Interaction Manager and included customizing the messages on rental receipts.  Letting customers know if their drivers license or credit cards were about to expire. After a successful rollout, Hertz was ready to tackle more.  You’ve already heard about Carfirmation, but that’s just one piece of the total CRM solution for Hertz.  The customizable messages and unique offers are sent on multiple channels through their 3,700 call center agents, counter terminals, handheld devices and the Hertz website.  With the Real Time Interaction Manager and the Customer Interaction Manager, the offers are real time and customized for the channel and the recipient. Customer service agents are given exactly what they need to give the customer a consistent experience with an individualized offer. Hertz is able to send an average of 56,000 unique offers and during peak times 80,000! The decisioning on all these offers is driven by data.

Customized Messages on Receipts

“The Marketing organization, they’ve been very happy with the tool and the way it’s been implemented.  They can change offers on the fly.  They don’t have to necessarily wait for a big IT implementation to happen.  It’s very flexible for them and can kind of let them deliver very quickly on a quick turnaround offers and messages.

“So we bring all of our campaign and real-time results into the integrated warehouse.  And the beauty of the tool, the Teradata Applications tools, is those real-time offers we can actually take those and perform a campaign using the CIM tool.  If a customer’s responded to the message or the offer but they haven’t completed everything we can send a follow-up email all integrated under one solution.” Greg Palk, Manager CRM Applications

Because the data is integrated all of Hertz is operating with one version of the truth. That delivers a winning combination of customized, consistent customer interaction and the ability to adjust to the customer in real time. In today’s market, customers demand it – if they don’t get it, we know what happens – they find someone who will give them what they want when they want it.

For the near future, Hertz Marketing is bringing two newly acquired brands onboard, Thrifty and Dollar Rent-a-Car.  Teradata Applications will allow them to make multiple offers across all segments continuing their dominance in data driven marketing.

Congratulations to Hertz for all the accolades – Teradata is cheering you on for Zagat’s year number three!









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  1. avatarMonica Mullen

    When I was in the airline industry, we often discussed how to speed the ‘curb to gate’ process. As a Hertz customer myself, they are achieving that goal for car rentals by integrating the renter’s experience with information-driven technology – streamlining the process from the gate to the car and back again. When I land, an email tells me where the car I rented is located. If I don’t like that car, I can easily (with one click) exchange it for another through that email. I load the car, hop in and get my contract at the exit. Upon return, I drive in, unload the car, and leave for the airport – an email delivers the receipt so no wait for an agent. At each point of interaction, I receive the information I need because Hertz has made that information available to send to me when I need it. And they’ve been consistent. Of course, if I do need assistance, their staff are available to help – and have that same information that I have, and more that helps them do their jobs: take care of the customer. Other industries might want to pay attention to this example. They need to define what would make the experience smoother when information enabled – and then enable it. You might say it’s worth the price of Gold.

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