McCain Foods: A Data Driven Change in Culture

By | October 2, 2013

Did you know that one in every three French fries produced in the world is a McCain fry?  Can you believe it?  That’s a lot of potatoes. But McCain is much more than French fries, McCain Foods is a global food giant, with great pizzas, vegetables, appetizers and desserts.   And they’ve transformed their culture with data.  We sat down with CIO Roman Coba to talk about integrating data and how the integration has changed their business from the factory to the boardroom.  McCain has taken more than 22,000 reports and 3,000 personal reporting systems and put the data in one place, or as Roman puts it “we took 30,000 versions of the truth, and brought it down to one version of the truth.”  For McCain it truly was a game-changer and we agree.

Courtesy of McCain Foods

Innovation at McCain is all about developing new processes and new products.  Teradata plays in both spaces.  In retail, Teradata provides insights into what consumers want, how, where and why they spend their money.  Those insights allow McCain to develop the best new products.  In manufacturing, Teradata provides insights in their manufacturing processes and operations, allowing McCain to optimize runtimes, equipment, and supply chain.

With new insight from the data, McCain transformed from a business culture used to treating data ‘one way’ into a culture that is asking for more data in order to innovate and create more change. Executives now look at their dashboards everyday and answer their own questions within minutes… they are able to drill down to get details and answers to solve the business problems in a day rather than weeks.

 “We’ve got executives,  our CEO, who now looks at it, and starts drilling down form the dashboard down to the lowest level of data, so he can answer his own question. And then what he does is within ten minutes, picks up the phone and calls the regional CEO and says, ‘Listen, can you explain to me why in Region A, B, C, customer X, Y, Zed, stopped buying product A, B, C, or he’s down by 30 percent on product A, B, C?’ And its sort of created a domino effect. Because after you’re a regional CEO and you receive that first phone call, guess what you do first thing in the morning?  You make sure that you’ve gotten up, you’ve looked at that dashboard, you’ve looked at what’s different, you’ve driven your way down, and that type of, I’ll call it ’embracement’ of the tools is starting to create this domino effect that everybody now is starting to use it for more. Every executive’s looking for more. “  – Roman Coba

McCain, with the push of one button, can view the Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE) for the plants, which takes inputs from ALL the manufacturing processes within a physical plant – and refreshes the data for dashboards every 15 minutes.  Employees see how they ‘stack up’ against their goals and other plants.  This has changed the culture inside those plants worldwide and increased efficiency – (those results are so good McCain didn’t want to give us all the details!)

Courtesy of McCain Foods

   “We’ve developed on the Teradata platform, we call it OEE, Operational Equipment Efficiency. And it’s actually an analytics application that collects inputs from all of our manufacturing processes within a physical plant. And then we’re constantly, every ten/fifteen minutes regenerating dashboards to show everybody within a physical plant all the inputs and outputs of that plant. So that measure throughput, temperatures, tonnage per hour, quality of quality control, yield. And it shows all the employees in a dialed type of dashboard environment, how well they’re doing, where the opportunities are, how they rank and rate against everybody else in the world real time. And it’s actually driven higher quality and higher standards within our plants, which in the end provides a better product, and a more economical product to the consumer.” – Roman Coba

Courtesy of McCain Food

A big thank you to McCain Foods and CIO Roman Coba for sharing their customer success!

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    It’s such an inspiring article highlighting how Teradata EDW is helping create value to the clients and that there is no limit to what people can come up with the data they have in their hand. Their take on OEE sounds really interesting.

    This is a really nice artlicle that is precise and up to the point.


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