Monsanto: Looking to the Cloud to Help Farmers Globally Grow Crops More Efficiently

By | August 1, 2017

Cloud, cloud, cloud.  If you’re in the analytics and data space, that’s probably been on your radar (or right in your face) for the past few years. Is cloud the real thing or just the CIO’s bright and shiny new object? Global agriculture giant Monsanto knows it is the real thing. With a broader strategy to move more applications to the cloud, they started with disaster recovery and will now start to move engineering and product development initiatives.

“For a lot of our research scientists, they see the Cloud as an opportunity to move data into a place where they can use different tools and different capabilities very quickly.  The administration time is very short.  They can spin up a new data platform and they can start getting right to the analytics very quickly without a lot of administration in the way.  At the same time our finance team wanted to redo and prove the way that we consolidate and close our financials on a monthly basis (see previous video on their finance transformation.) So this larger capital effort was already leveraging the enterprise data warehouse for collecting and consuming all of that data and centralizing it in one place.  They wanted to connect the closed reporting system on top of that warehouse, but we couldn’t do it unless we were able to offer SOX compliance and disaster recovery.” Troy Crites, Global BI Architecture Lead

With a DR data center that was running out of tile space, combined with the desire to exit the DR business altogether and concentrate on their business, the elastic and scalable architecture in the cloud was the perfect option. And, it’s just the start.

The ultimate goal is to take advantage of the high-powered analytics no matter where the data is – meaning anywhere and everywhere.

“Teradata Everywhere™, I think that gives us new opportunities to look at Teradata as not just an enterprise data warehouse platform, but as a vendor and a partner that can help us in a variety of different areas… the digitization of our business, and how we can enable real time solutions……” – Troy Crites, Global BI Architecture Lead

With portable licensing, Monsanto can implement Teradata across flexible deployment options. That is critical as Monsanto moves to Teradata IntelliCloud™ on AWS in the near future, co-locating Teradata in the same cloud as product development and engineering.

One of the biggest concerns for anyone deploying in the cloud is security.  Monsanto is no different and security was paramount. Multiple teams (network, firewall, and routing) worked together with Teradata teams to produce all of the certifications and security protocols.

“Teradata was top notch.  They were able to produce all of the certifications and the security protocols that they follow.  There are a particular number of reports that our security team was looking for, along with the audits.  And Teradata had just recently gone through a facility audit around their cloud facility.  Our team and their team worked hand in hand to feel comfortable.” – Troy Crites, Global BI Architecture Lead

All of this gives Monsanto the opportunity to concentrate on the business they are truly in.

“Monsanto’s mission is to build sustainable agricultural products in order to help our farmers get as much yield as possible while conserving energy and water. In the future as we move into more of a data science space, we’re starting to look at how we can digitize the farmer’s experience and be able to leverage that information in order to increase that yield and offer more sustainable opportunities.” – Troy Crites, Global BI Architecture Lead

Congratulations to Monsanto who is looking to Teradata Everywhere™ to help farmers across the globe grow crops more efficiently, working together for a brighter future.



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