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Telefónica UK: Connecting People to the Things They Care About Through Data and Analytics

June 25, 2014

“Connecting people to the things they care about.”  that’s the mission for Telefónica UK’s O2 brand.  As the second largest telco provider in the UK, O2 is well positioned to deliver on that promise to its customers. In this data driven era, O2 also capitalizes on the unique position of telco companies to use anonymized data… Read More »

Aviva: Driving Forward with Data to be a World Class Digital Insurer

May 1, 2014

  Recently Aviva, a world-class digital insurer, sent their customers daily text messages informing them about the impact of impending weather. Reaching out to customers when they needed Aviva, through a simple campaign, enabled the data driven insurer to build their brand beyond price. “We are trying to change. As I say, our brand’s all… Read More »

Procter & Gamble: Data Driven Marketing to 4.8 Billion People

December 16, 2013

Joining the conversation with 4.8 billion consumers… then actually listening to them and engaging with them. Does that sound overwhelming?  It could – but the world’s 2nd largest consumer packaged goods company wouldn’t be intimidated and soon 1, Consumer Place™ was ‘populated’. Our team had the privilege of sitting down with Tim Butler, Director of… Read More »