Xerox: Innovating Marketing Applications to give clients the freedom to focus on what really matters.

By | November 5, 2015

Xerox has undergone a transformation!  Moving beyond multi-function devices like printers and copiers, more than 50% of their business is services-oriented global document outsourcing.  It’s about taking away the pain points for customers so they can focus on their strengths and concentrate on the business.  It’s all part of Xerox strategy, “Work can work better.”

Laser focused in their offering of business processes, Xerox created a communications and marketing services division with the mission to make communications simpler. Generating more than 10K branded campaigns each year Xerox has found their sweet spot with technology, people and processes at the center.

Michelle Facey-Taylor Head of IT Solutions Communications & Marketing Services

Michelle Facey-Taylor
Head of IT Solutions
Communications & Marketing Services

“For a lot of our clients, who are quite large in different vertical industries, it’s a new way of working for them as well. We wanted a standard platform to be able to deliver to our clients – to make us more agile in delivering quicker. Technology is technology, but having the skill set to be able to deliver and to be able to make that technology deliver what your customer wants is quite key.”  – Michelle Facey-Taylor, Head of IT Solutions, Communication and Marketing Services

The technology Xerox depends on? Teradata Applications Marketing Resource Management (MRM).  With MRM, Xerox manages 1) planning & spend,  2) workflow & collaboration, and 3) marketing assets for multiple highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, financial and telcom.

Planning & Spend

Xerox and its customers can get a real-time view of the total marketing budget allowing for the agility to reallocate dollars quickly.  Spend is analyzed based on market activity, sales data and business needs while centralizing marketing data across different channels, brand and portfolios.

“So that kind of intelligence, it’s not reporting, it’s not MI, it’s Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.38.22 PMintelligence, is key to Xerox. We need to know where it may not work and is this something we can advise our client.  Our client needs to see what they’re spending, what’s the return, what’s happening, how effective is what they’re asking us to do– how effective has that been?” — Michelle Facey-Taylor


Workflow & Collaboration

Xerox, their customers, and agencies have embraced the intuitive, flexible and cohesive workflow management process.  Critical compliance across teams and companies is achieved with an automated medical, legal and regulatory review process without the painstaking activity of rekeying data.

“When you go to different countries especially, there are different laws, different rules, but the process is the same.  You’re raising a brief; you’re going to get it approved; you’re going to get some money for it; you’re going to get an estimate.  All of that is the same whether or not you’re in one industry or another.” – Michelle Facey-Taylor

Marketing Assets

Embodying “Work can work better” users maintain corporate standards with automated approvals and branding control, helping to distribute marketing assets exactly where they are needed to those that need them, giving their customers even more accessibility.

“You could be having the best revenue generation that you can, but your profit margin is going to be down because you’ve got greater overhead costs.  So coming into a simple platform is not just an idea of really good business reasons. It’s financially viable, and we want to offer a service, and the service that we offer includes our platform.  So having that one single platform, you get the experienced personnel and you get the ability to roll out very quickly and innovate.” – Michelle Facey-TaylorScreen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.35.14 PM

For Xerox, it is a powerful global capability that is repeatable.

“So communications and marketing services (CMS) is a global capability now.  Where we offer those different business verticals around the world, we will offer one solution.  We have a customer we’ve rolled out, six countries so far.  We will be rolling out another ten, and part of that includes the United States, Canada, as well as some of the developing market regions like Russia, Hungary and Czech.” – Michelle Facey-Taylor

Congratulations to Xerox for the ultimate data-driven disruption in business to transform into a global services powerhouse.

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