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ThINking INSIDE the Box: Dramatically Increase Analytic Performance

July 1, 2014

Thinking inside the box when it comes to your data has many advantages — compared to processing outside the box. Organizations are collecting more structured and unstructured data than ever before, and it is presenting great opportunities and challenges to analyze ALL of that complex data. In this volatile and competitive economy, there has never been a bigger need for proactive and agile strategies to overcome these challenges by applying the analytics directly to the data rather than shuffling data around. The point: There are two key technologies that dramatically improve and increase performance when analyzing big data: “in”-database and “in”-memory analytics.

Think inside the Teradata Box!

Think inside the Teradata Box!

“In-database” analytics refers to the integration of advanced analytics into the data warehousing platform functionality. Many analytical computing solutions and large databases use this approach because it provides significant performance improvements over the traditional methods. Thus, in-database analytics have been adopted by many SAS business analysts who have been able to realize the valuable business benefits of streamlined processing and increased performance.

Pardon my commercial tone, but honestly, with SAS® in-database analytics for Teradata, SAS users have the ability to develop complex data models and score the model in the data warehouse. By doing so, it removes the need to either move or extract the data to a SAS environment or convert the analytical code to something that could be executed on the data platform.

Now for the first time, users can leverage “in-memory” analytics to analyze large volumes of data in-memory with SAS® High-Performance Analytics (HPA) products and SAS® Visual Analytics for Teradata. This latest innovation provides an entirely new approach to tackle big data by using an in-memory analytics engine to deliver super-fast responses to complex analytical problems. It is a set of products beyond SAS Foundation technologies to explore and develop data models using all of your data. Jointly developed with SAS, the Teradata Appliance for SAS High-Performance Analytics, Model 720 eliminates the need to copy data to a separate appliance with dedicated SAS nodes for in-memory processing.

Teradata and SAS have joined forces to revolutionize your business by providing enterprise analytics in a harmonious data management platform to deliver critical strategic insights by applying advanced analytics “inside” the database or data warehouse where the vast volume of data is fed and resides.

This “inside job” approach to managing data is producing huge, positive business results: We have customers using both technologies which are complementary and have experienced dramatic increases in performance and value. Analyses that took days or weeks are now down to hours and minutes by integrating in-database and in-memory analytics inside Teradata. That is why I strongly believe “thinking inside the box” is a key strategic innovation when it comes to big data analytics. A recent webcast was conducted by IIA, Teradata and SAS on this topic. To view the webcast, click here.

Guest blogger – Tho Nguyen