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Teradata Universe EMEA 2017, Nice: The Press Perspective

May 2, 2017

Welcome UniverseIt’s safe to say that over the years corporate events have received some bad press from oversold and undersubscribed tradeshows and ‘customer less’ user groups. However, if planned and run from a point of view that puts the customer first and emphasizes thought-leadership and the communication of unique customer experience-based insight to the attendees, these events very much still have a place in the industry.

The power of face to face is still unmatched, and if organisations can use events to connect customers and the international media in a meaningful way, the results can be quite insightful.

Last month, we were in Nice for the Annual Teradata Universe EMEA conference. We hosted just under 1000 customers, prospects and industry experts as well as 32 journalists and 14 industry analysts from across Europe, Middle East, Africa and India (EMEAI) to discuss how the world of data and analytics is empowering companies to achieve high-impact business outcomes at scale on an agile data foundation.

As with anything, the proof is in the pudding, so here’s a quick roundup featuring six stories that were published as a result of the international media interaction at Universe 2017:

Adrian Bridgewater, Computer Weekly, UK:

17796249_1476286785728807_8182520685300499650_nTeradata CTO: Beyond the Data Science Hype: A process for data: “Brobst explains the process through which we must now work with data — measure, understand, optimize, execute, automate… with one step logically following the next.

Talking about the fact that we used to call big data analytics this thing called ‘data mining’; Brobst says that, “A lot of organisations are still overwhelmed by the hairball of data.” Read more

Business World CIO, India:

Teradata study predicts widespread cloud data storage adoption by 2019: Company Executives Claim Security is the Biggest Deterrent to Storing Data in the Cloud, but Mass Cloud Migration Continues Globally.

According to the findings of a new study released by Teradata, eight out of ten executives cite security as a concern when storing data in the cloud, but that has not stopped a huge rise in the amount of critical data being sent there. Read more.

Nico Litzel, BigData Insider, Germany:

Teradata places more emphasis on consulting and business use: Teradata’s business results have been good in recent times from the company’s point of view, but Victor Lund, CEO of the Teradata Corporation since last year, is still looking to improve.

He believes the company has concentrated too much on the technology and too little on the outcome. However, the focus is now to understand what the customers want and use the technology to deliver real business benefit. Read more.

Cyrille Chausson, Le Mag IT, France:

Teradata Simplifies Creating and Deploying ML Templates with ThinkDeep: Because Machine Learning and Deep Learning have the ability to make the data speak; Teradata is working on a framework named ThinkDeep. Born in Teradata Labs, it intends to simplify the use of ML by providing “a complete framework for non data scientists for Generation, validation, and management of Machine Learning models scalably, “said Stephen Brobst, CTO of Teradata. Read more.

Francesco Destri, ComputerWorld, Italy:

Teradata study predicts widespread cloud data storage adoption by 2019:  Despite the security concerns, one Teradata study provides a massive storage in the cloud by 2019.

Safety is the first concern of the senior management of companies when it comes to storing data in the cloud, but even so it is likely that more than half of business-critical data reside in the cloud by 2019. Read more.

Albert Cuests, Ara Media, Spain:

Massive data against throwing food: As large purchasers of smartphones, we accept that our device periodically sends diagnostic information to the cloud the manufacturer to improve quality of service. This information lets you know, for example, calls made with the antenna of a company in a given area. But to detect such incidents must continuously analyse huge data-only volume last year, Samsung sold 310 million smartphones, Apple Huawei 215 million and 139 million – that’s a lot of data. Read more.

That’s it for this year. But based on this feedback and with EMEA Universe coming to London in 2018, we’re looking
forward to another inspirational event and great interaction with the international media. So, until next year,’ merci et au revoir’.