Big Data Apps Solve Industry Big Data Issues

Leverage the power of big data to solve stubborn industry issues faster than your competition

Big data solutions – easier, faster and simpler – are today’s best means of securing an advantage in 2015.  If there was a way to quickly and easily leverage big data to address the nagging issues in your industry – like shopping cart abandonment for retail or churn for wireless carriers – wouldn’t that be appealing?

What if the leader in big data analytics told you that insights into the problems in your industry and organization could be in your hands and operational within a matter of weeks…and with far less complexity than big data solutions available just 6 months or a year ago?

Teradata has developed a collection of purpose-built analytical apps that address opportunities surrounding things like behavioral analytics, customer churn, marketing attribution and text analytics. These apps are built using the Teradata Aster AppCenterand were intentionally developed to solve pressing big data business challenges.

Industries covered include consumer financial, communications and cable,  healthcare (payer, provider and pharmaceutical), manufacturing, retail, travel and hospitality, and entertainment and gaming.  Review the following to see if your organization’s issues are covered.

Consumer Financial – Fraud Networks and Customer Paths.

Communications – Network Finder, Paths to Churn and Customer Satisfaction.

Cable – Customer Behavioral Segmentation and Customer Paths.

Healthcare –Paths to Surgery, Admission Diagnosis Procedure Paths, HL7 Parser, Patient Affinity & Length of Stay, Patient Compare, Impact Analysis and

Drug Prescription Affinity Analysis.

Retail – Paths to Purchase, Attribution (multi-channel), Shopping Cart Abandonment, Checkout Flow Analysis, Website Flow Analysis, Customer Product Review Analysis and Market Basket & Product Recommendations.

Travel & Hospitality – Customer Review Text Analysis, Website Conversion Paths, Diminishing Loyalty, Customer Review Sentiment Analysis.

Entertainment & Gaming – Companion Matcher, Diminishing Playing Time,

Network Finder and Paths to Churn.

More and more, organizations and in particular, business users and senior management, understand the value of and opportunities nested in big data. But across the enterprise, managers struggle with a number of hurdles like large upfront investments, labor demands (both resource time and specialized skills), and a perceived glacial movement toward real insights and operational analytics.

Now the biggest hurdles are removed. Big data apps tackle the investment, time and skills gap. Configured to your organization by Teradata professional services, the apps enable quick access to self-service analytics and discovery across the organization.  Big data apps allow for lower upfront investment and faster time to value – a matter of weeks, not months or years. How? Industry accepted best practices, analytic logic, schema, visualization options and interfaces are all captured in the pre-built templates.

Enter the world of big data in a big way. Tackle your biggest issues easily. Realize value faster. Let the excitement of discovery with big data help analytics infiltrate your organization. Momentum is a powerful driver in instilling a culture of innovation.

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