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Get Results On The Table Fast With Productized Analytics

February 14, 2018

It’s getting near dinner on a Tuesday night. The pantry is empty, which means a run to the store. You could head out anticipating that inspiration will strike, grabbing ingredients and hoping that it all comes together. It’s an expensive way to shop, a less organized way to cook, and the outcome is uncertain. Or,… Read More »

It’s Not Hybrid Unless It All Works Together

November 22, 2016

Despite the vast quantity of talk and enthusiasm for all things cloud, few CIOs and IT architects see the future of their analytics infrastructure as an either/or decision. A more apt description for their designs is hybrid, a word that most commonly means a computing environment that is partially either on-premises or in a private… Read More »

A One Day Accounting Close? Utopia via People, Process, & Technology

November 30, 2015

The pressure for an accelerated accounting close can be relentless, as evidenced by the $1.3 billion Toshiba accounting scandal this spring. The electronic manufacturing giant admitted it had overstated profits by $1.3 billion going back to fiscal 2008/2009. An accounting probe in July led to the CEO and several board members resigning and a 30… Read More »

How Analytics Turns IoT Data into Dollars

October 19, 2015

The buzz around the term “Internet of Things” (IoT) amplifies with each passing day. It’s taking some time, however, for everyone to fully comprehend just how valuable this phenomenon has become for our world and our economy. Part of this has to do with the learning curve in understanding the sophisticated technologies and analytics involved.… Read More »

Big Data Success Starts With Empowerment: Learn Why and How

September 1, 2015

As my colleague Bill Franks recently pointed out on his blog, there is often the perception that being data-driven is all about technology. While technology is indeed important, being data-driven actually spans a lot of different areas, including people, big data processes, access, a data-driven culture and more. In order to be successful with big… Read More »

The Benefits and Evolution of the Hadoop Appliance

July 9, 2015

Running Hadoop on an appliance offers significant benefits, but as Hadoop workloads become more sophisticated, so too must the appliance. That’s exactly why we’re releasing the ‘new’ Teradata Appliance for Hadoop 5. Our new appliance has evolved alongside Hadoop usage scenarios while giving IT organizations more freedom of choice to run diverse workloads. Running Hadoop… Read More »

Is Your Data Safe? Big Data Security Drives New Cyber Safety.

March 23, 2015

A quick and fact-rich lesson in the current state of cyber security and what new advancements and opportunities exist with emerging big data analytics. Cyber security is going to be an enduring hot topic – and one that should be on the radar of all enterprise IT and IT cyber security practitioners. A quick fact:… Read More »

The Value of Big Data Unlocked

March 17, 2015

It’s on every enterprise list of Things To Tackle in 2015. It’s every organization’s technological priority because it’s commonly considered important to future growth and competitive positioning. The value of Big data is big news —without a doubt. Even though most business executives think realizing benefits from the value of big data is long overdue,… Read More »

5 Ways Big Data Marketing Helps Companies Be Competitive: Part 2

March 3, 2015

(Part 2 of a post illustrating how marketers are creatively leveraging big data to secure competitive advantages.) Big data leveraged into insights have a strong likelihood to distinguish organizations from their competitors. Because of the infancy of this movement, few big data insights to date have been turned into marketing advantages – so early entrants… Read More »