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6 Ways Big Data Marketing Helps Companies Be Competitive: Part 1

February 24, 2015

Big data – business changing data – is giving marketers new ways to be innovative and step ahead of competitors. A creative strategy or advertising campaign is only scratching the surface of mechanisms available today to drive revenue. Effective CMOs must appreciate the power of new and diverse data sources and demand marketing directors interpret… Read More »

Selecting a Big Data Solution: 5 Questions to Ask

February 18, 2015

For years now certain enterprises such as big-box retailers, online pioneers and consumer credit innovators have been successfully leveraging big data – to the point where these early adopter organizations can outperform competitors 2-1. They gain insights across their world – from their view of customers, to customer interactions and their perspective of the category.… Read More »

What is Big Data?

February 12, 2015

What is Big Data? It’s not as simple as saying social media posts are big data or sensor data is big data. And it’s not sufficient to say big data is just a lot of data. Beyond the idea of large volumes of data…or a greater scope of data…big data refers to data sets that… Read More »

6 Big Data Examples From Big Global Brands

January 29, 2015

Where are we with big data? Has it moved from theory into practice? Are global organizations really using big data today to make significant changes in their organizations? Are there working solutions in the market that derive value from the analysis of non-traditional data? Let’s discuss six big data examples that illustrate how big global… Read More »

Business Highlights in Big Data History

January 22, 2015

If you’re relatively new to Big Data, you might find this snapshot of the last 20 years of big data history helpful. Hopefully, you can build your understanding and figure out where you reside in the journey of Big Data development, adoption and optimization. Gentlemen Start Your Spreadsheets (1995) The world wide web explodes and… Read More »

Leading the Pack with Unified Data Architecture

January 29, 2013

In the technology game, industry analysts are important players, and some would argue that Gartner is right up there near the top with their Magic Quadrant reports.  Those of us who follow Gartner’s Magic Quadrants know the importance of that deceptively simple-looking market research grid. Behind it lays a wealth of knowledge, with uniform criteria… Read More »