Guest Post: Uncover new opportunities through data discovery

Although businesses today are awash in data, recent research from IDC shows that only 10 percent of organizations have the features and functionality needed to explore their data and discover new insights. This presents a huge opportunity gap as companies miss out on what could be a huge competitive advantage. To address this challenge, Teradata announced in September a new integrated solution that brings together all data for powerful big data analytics: the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform 6, also known as Aster 6.

Today I’m thrilled to announce that the solution is now available to organizations around the world to help them glean new insights from their data, which I’ll discuss more in a virtual event taking place tomorrow, March 27th, at 10am PT. I invite you to attend as I join Tom Davenport of MIT Technology Review, Richard Winter of Winter Corp., customers like NCR and Barnes & Noble, and others to discuss the value of a discovery platform and how it can deliver real results for organizations.

As CIOs develop and execute big data strategies, a discovery platform can play a critical role helping them solve complex business problems like social network analysis, fraud detection, supply chain management, network analysis, threat detection and more. It brings analytics to users at all levels of the organization by reducing complexity and breaking down analytic siloes, and can help companies uncover opportunities such as untapped markets, different product offerings, and new customer segments.

Aster 6 combines cutting-edge capabilities to enable organizations to extract the most value from their data. For instance, as my colleague Tasso Argyros describes in this blog post, the graph analytics feature reflects that our interactions between customers and businesses are no longer just two-way, and incorporates multiple graph-like interactions. Another colleague, Scott Gnau writes about the platform’s SNAP Framework, which allows users to piece together multiple analytic engines and run them on a single SQL query.

Join us for tomorrow’s free event to learn how to become a data-driven business and gain a competitive advantage, hear best practices, and find out how the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform can drive real results for your organization. Hope to see you there!

By: Manan Goel, Senior Director, Aster Product Marketing at Teradata

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