A holiday message from Teradata

A holiday message from Teradata

2017 has been an exciting year full of data and analytics. It seems that every day has brought us new examples of how data and analytics can transform businesses and revolutionize the management of organizations – no matter what their size. It’s been a great year for Teradata, and together with our customers and partners, every success continually confirms our strong belief that data and analytics are rapidly becoming essential for businesses: defining how they are run and how they compete.

At Teradata, our goal is to make it as simple as possible to unlock the value of data across the enterprise – providing organisations with the tools and skills they need to drive revenue and make better business decisions. We want to support companies in their continued focus on using their data to drive the business forward, whether they want to better inform their decision makers, find new working efficiencies, discover new sources of revenue, or any business transformation you can imagine!

With the year drawing to a close, we want to thank you for your continued engagement with Teradata through this blog. The Teradata blog is a fantastic outlet for our thought leaders and industry professionals to discuss the most pressing and forward-looking issues facing each and every industry today. Hopefully you’ve learnt something, challenged or maybe even reinforced your view on broad topics from product innovation, to customer experience and risk mitigation, to name just a few.

Looking to 2018, we already have an idea of the topics and technologies that are going to matter to your business, and we’ve got teams of industry consultants and data scientists excited to kick start the conversation. We’ll be back early in January with regular content for you to digest, authored by the true data and analytics experts from Teradata and Think Big Analytics.

May good health, peace, prosperity, and happiness be yours throughout the holidays and the new year.

Happy holidays from all of us at Teradata.

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