Keep your clean data close, but your dirty data closer: In-DB data quality software can help

An organization’s most valuable and strategic assets are customers. Yet right next to customers are those precious assets that the enterprise can leverage to attract, retain and interact with those valuable customers for profitable growth: your DATA! And every organization has huge, deep waves of data – streaming in like riptides from every direction – from multiple channels and a million sources! DATA is everywhere – as far as the eye can see! All day, every day – data flows into and through the business – and your data environment. However, please note: your analytic machine runs best on clean and integrated data.

That’s why data quality management is as important as customer management. Organizations that cleanse and define data with consistency can make informed decisions, collaborate more effectively, attract and keep customers, and boost operational agility.

Today’s business world moves faster than ever with the insurgence of big data and it is a reality that every business – big or small – is facing. To keep pace, you now have to store and manage large amounts of data that needs to be cleansed and integrated in order to make smart, swift decisions. But that’s impossible if the data behind those decisions is archaic, untrustworthy or imprecise. Bad information can definitely lead to misinformed decisions and missed opportunities.

Your data assets collectively comprise an authoritative, referential intelligence environment with a direct impact on a company’s analytical insight as well as its operational systems. An organization with a proactive approach to achieving high quality of detailed data can provide deeper and faster business visibility, bull’s-eye accuracy, and powerful synchronicity across the enterprise – for more intelligent decision making and business performance. Wherever executives realize this, data quality escalates to a top strategic priority.

SAS and Teradata joined forces to address this important challenge with a data quality solution embedded within the Teradata architecture. The SAS® and Teradata Data Quality Advantage Program is the first and only offer providing in-database data quality software. This offer allows organizations to invoke specific SAS data quality functions inside the Teradata database, helping customers to meet their data quality requirements in a more optimal timeframe. By helping our customers proactively address data quality issues, organizations can obtain accurate and timely insights faster and more efficient which lead to better-informed business decisions.

That’s why I believe that “keeping your clean data close but your dirty data closer” – is a key strategic business priority – not just a miscellaneous IT activity.

To learn more, click here – and see how Teradata and SAS can make a difference.

– Tho Nguyen, Teradata

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