Deep learning for executives: The killer apps for deep learning

August 2, 2017

As deep learning grows in sophistication, it is time to integrate it into concrete business use cases. Deep learning, especially in the field of computervision, has gotten so good that it is ready for the global industrial stage. The amount of data produced every day sits around 2.5 exabytes, and businesses now equate parsing through… Read More »

Teradata bolsters analytics and database capabilities for Microsoft Azure

July 28, 2017

The enterprise-class capabilities of Teradata Database have been enhanced for Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This is great news for organizations using — or wanting to try — Teradata Database as their engine for advanced analytics to deliver optimal business outcomes for areas such as customer experience, risk mitigation, asset optimization, finance transformation, product innovation and operational… Read More »

Bean Counter Or Business-Growth Enabler? What Can The CIO Learn From The CFO?

July 27, 2017

Transformation of a cost controller So there we were, discussing the need to use data and analytics to drive enterprise value, when a New Zealander from a large organisation volunteered “We have four customer segments, nationally, that we have been using for a very long time with reasonable success but it is limiting our growth.… Read More »

The future of marketing — it’s (still) the data, stupid

July 26, 2017

Previously on this blog, we talked about what has changed in marketing during the last two decades. I introduced four key issues that successful marketing organisations need to get across: the rise of social and mobile; the digitisation of everything and the behavioural insight that results from making the journey from transactions to interactions; the… Read More »

Big data and the fight against human trafficking

July 25, 2017

The recent San Antonio, Texas, tragedy served as a vivid reminder that human trafficking is an international crisis that spans from poor nations to the doorsteps of some of the most developed nations in the world. While this United States-based event captured global news, the ongoing human trafficking crisis in India often goes underreported. A… Read More »

Amazon backs Presto with their launch of Athena

July 24, 2017

The SQL on Hadoop market is a crowded place, with numerous open source and proprietary options available. With any crowded market, the question is, which solutions will rise to the top and have the legs for long-term success. Companies not only want to get behind a solution that meets their functional and performance needs, but… Read More »