Neil Armstrong and DHL—Two Giant Leaps for Mankind in a Single Year

June 8, 2017

Everyone knows that Neil Armstrong recognized his first small step on the moon as “a giant leap for mankind.” But when Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn launched DHL a few months later, did they have any idea that their “leap” into the world of air express would spur enormous global economic growth, allow… Read More »

PNEC#21 and a Unique Take on the Value of Analytics

June 7, 2017

The 21st PNEC conference in Houston, Texas – the International Conference and Exhibition on Petroleum Data Integration and Information Management – has just wrapped up. As ever, it felt part-conference, part-family reunion – petroleum data management is a small and specialised discipline. A few-hundred of us keep meeting, year after year, to share our learnings… Read More »

Data Science Versus Data Engineering

June 6, 2017

In the third instalment of this blog, we told you that “the analytic discovery process has more in common with research and development (R&D) than with software engineering.” But – symmetrically, if confusingly – what comes after the discovery process typically has more in common with software engineering than with R&D. The objective of our… Read More »

Defining the CDO: Gatekeeper vs Innovator

June 5, 2017

In the not-too-distant past, data didn’t even appear on the corporate agenda. However, in recent years, big data has fueled board and executive awareness of the potential for data driven opportunities. This level of awareness has inevitably resulted in greater scrutiny of data quality, accuracy, transparency and privacy and further regulatory and compliance reporting. However,… Read More »

Should Data Modelling be a ‘Prescriptatorship’, or Take a More Laissez-Faire Approach?

June 1, 2017

During my morning walk or commute to and from the airport, I’ve got into the habit of listening to audio books. My current book is The Story of Human Language. I thoroughly recommend it. It has some great stories of how languages change over time. For example, do you know how the French ‘ne…pas’ negation… Read More »

Teradata Aster Analytics on Azure: Available Now!

May 31, 2017

Teradata® Aster® Analytics is a multi-genre advanced analytics solution that provides powerful, high-impact insights on all data types of any volume.   Multi-genre capabilities refer to the seamless application of different analytics techniques to address any use case within a single solution.  Aster Analytics does precisely this by allowing users to execute a wide variety of… Read More »

Mind the Gap: Cloud as a Temporary Fix

May 30, 2017

Businesses working towards entire data centre rebuilds are increasingly considering cloud to ‘fill the gap’ as demands on business-critical applications creep up. Cloud solutions of this type are allowing organisations to extend legacy infrastructures until they can be re-built, upgraded, or until they take the decision to deploy more cloud computing services. Let’s explore how… Read More »

Is Automation a Risk to our Job Future?

May 25, 2017

In May 2016, Foxconn reduced its employee strength from 110,000 to 50,000 in one of its factories in China, replacing a majority of its human workforce with robots. It was a shocking development and the reverberations were heard across the world as it reinforced scary predictions by futurists, academics, tech titans and economists that automation… Read More »

The Future of Health and Human Services Data Modeling (Part 2)

May 23, 2017

This is the second half of my thoughts on the question “When will the IT industry provide reusable clinical and administrative data warehouses for the Medicaid enterprise?”  The first posting discussed the current models and systems, and enumerated some barriers to creating a common data model.  In this post I consider how to overcome the… Read More »