Predictive Asset Maintenance: what are the business benefits – and how do we prove them?

February 6, 2018

With exponential digitalisation, asset management systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, bringing new data sources and a data-driven approach. Weather data, asset information and sensor data from equipment can be integrated and given to machine learning algorithms to predict and prevent disruptions and failures. Ever sophisticated approaches enabled by new available data can help businesses to… Read More »

Wait, machine learning and artificial intelligence aren’t the same thing?

February 5, 2018

Everybody seems to be talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ever since Spielberg’s 2001 movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence, the abbreviation AI has been readily recognizable. News outlets have recently carried headlines such as, “AI in your car can brake faster than you”, or “Police use AI to predict crime”, or similar flashy statements. But… Read More »

Teradata IntelliCloud Now Available on Microsoft Azure

February 1, 2018

We are pleased to announce General Availability (GA) of Teradata IntelliCloud on Microsoft Azure. IntelliCloud on Azure is now available in all commercial Azure regions in the United States. This includes: CENTRAL US EAST US EAST US 2 NORTH CENTRAL US SOUTH CENTRAL US WEST CENTRAL US WEST US WEST US 2 Learn more about… Read More »

Internet of Things for Insurance – The Future is Now

January 31, 2018

Imagine while driving home in a telematics-enabled electric car, you, as a consumer of insurance, speak to the vehicle informatics system to disarm the home burglar alarm, open the home’s garage door, turn on the lights, lower the shades, unlock the doors and adjust the thermostat to make the home comfortable for the evening.  Imagine as… Read More »

When big data becomes vast, what’s your data dropping strategy?

January 30, 2018

When big data technology is pitched, it’s often said that this is the best way to store all your data. The idea is that you will not use an expansive database, but commodity hardware that is expandable at a low cost, and runs on open source software. Therefore, you would create a data lake to… Read More »

European bank goes from 0 to 60 in analytics endeavor

January 29, 2018

This business came to Teradata for guidance. They were aware they couldn’t just give a data scientist every toy on the market — they needed a vision for how to navigate this difficult journey. The bank first set out to acquire a big data for enterprise platform, with a technology framework that was based on… Read More »

Is the Lack of an Analytics Culture Holding Your Company Back? There’s Help.

January 25, 2018

Any company, given enough time and investment, can stand up the technology needed to execute analytics. But how does a company shift from simply executing analytics to being an analytically oriented company, and consistently exploiting analytic insights within business processes? Many vendors sell technology and offer services that aim to take enterprise data, integrate its… Read More »

Why Enterprise AI Will Be Highly Differentiating

January 24, 2018

We’re entering a new era of enterprise AI. For decades, the expectations of how dramatically AI could affect enterprises and operationalize change have outpaced reality. But with greater volume, variety, and velocity of data now available, along with massive, on-demand computing power, AI has become more intelligent than ever and is transforming businesses across all… Read More »