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Survey: State of Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises

October 11, 2017

Artificial intelligence will have a profound impact on our lives and work. Soon it will be everywhere, from our homes to our cars to our offices. Many believe it will cause a massive displacement of jobs. Others argue that it will enhance our decision-making and make us smarter. But, what do business executives at some… Read More »

The Tree of Machine Learning Algorithms

October 10, 2017

The Tree of Machine Learning Algorithms is a simplified schema to rationalize the types of learning paradigms used by categories of algorithms. Just as a tree’s branches grow stronger and wider with an expansive network of roots, the machine learning tree is strengthened using a network of data. Data can be structured or unstructured, involve transactions… Read More »

Is that a bully in your sentence?

October 5, 2017

What if your computer knew what you were typing? What if it knew you were bullying someone online? Would you still type those words, aware that your computer knows you are being hurtful? Artificial intelligence is already being used around the world online. Gmail now uses an AI-based programme to suggest responses to emails. The… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence Unstuck: How Competition, Not Bureaucracy, is Moving AI Forward

October 4, 2017

A recent article in The New York Times by Gary Marcus argues AI is an industry lost on the road to progress. He says to reach human-like intelligence, it needs a top-down approach — like the physics community took with CERN to create the Large Hadron Collider — instead of relying on today’s approaches. Marcus… Read More »

AI and Deep Learning Session Highlights for PARTNERS 2017

October 3, 2017

The explosion of interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is triggering widespread curiosity about its importance as a driver of business value. Likewise, Deep Learning, a subset of AI, is bringing new possibilities to light. Can these technologies significantly reduce costs and drive revenue? How can enterprises use AI to enhance customer experiences, create more insight… Read More »

Is analytics operations the key to successful data science?

September 1, 2017

Despite a continuing shortage of data science skills, data-driven teams do exist in businesses across many industries. Expectations are high and the promises of predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the imagination of many. Now that the role, the skill-sets and the responsibilities of data science are becoming better defined, how… Read More »

The secret to AI in the Enterprise could be little-known transfer learning

August 29, 2017

Consumers have spoken — artificial intelligence is a profitable industry. From Amazon to Google to Apple, major tech companies have all made inroads, crafting intelligent software — housed in sleek, accessible hardware — that has gotten massive customer attention. This trend is set to soon move out of home devices, like Echo and Google Home,… Read More »

What today’s machine learning and AI is and is not

August 4, 2017

All artificial intelligence methods today are around machine learning modeling and use some form of sophisticated correlation or association method, which can be approximated to brute-force robot learning. It is about reverse engineering existing features/patterns and providing useful “forward engineering” solutions like: Self-driving cars Detecting diseases from X-rays/MRIs Robots in manufacturing Chatbots for customer service… Read More »