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Look, Mom! No Hands! Volvo Cars Gives Being In The Driver’s Seat A Whole New Meaning

December 22, 2016

You’ve heard of the Internet of Things? The topic is hard to avoid considering it’s in most blogs and business articles when they discuss data. The Internet of Things (IoT) comprises billions of sensors around the world generating data in volumes unheard of until now. But, it is just hype?  Or does it really mean… Read More »

Getting to the IoT Value

August 24, 2016

  by Cheryl Wiebe and Jeff Cohen The Analytics of Things is the Payload In our last posting, we complained about all the noise out there about the IoT infrastructure, the edge devices, the tech, and tried to give you some real nuts-and-bolts advice on getting started.  Once you have grabbed a batch of, visually explored,… Read More »

Accelerating Analytics of Things

August 24, 2016

by: Cheryl Wiebe and Jeff Cohen Getting started with IoT means getting your hands dirty with the data Okay, okay….enough with the high level platitudes.  Enough with the vacuous statements about how IoT is growing, it’s big now, it’s going to be really big in a little while, and soon, a little while later, it’s… Read More »