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Neil Armstrong and DHL—Two Giant Leaps for Mankind in a Single Year

June 8, 2017

Everyone knows that Neil Armstrong recognized his first small step on the moon as “a giant leap for mankind.” But when Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn launched DHL a few months later, did they have any idea that their “leap” into the world of air express would spur enormous global economic growth, allow… Read More »

How Are Customers Like Bees? They Rarely Travel a Straight Path or Make a Single Stop

May 8, 2017

How are your customers like bees? Today, customer “bees” are faced with a huge garden of businesses that offer every ‘color’ and ‘variety’ of flower imaginable.  Those ‘flowers’ can be wildly different but they look the same from a distance.  With so many choices, the bees are bound to go sampling around.  So how does… Read More »

How Advanced Analytics Can Exponentially Improve Your Company’s Operations

December 23, 2016

In our highly interconnected world, delivering end-to-end operational excellence across the enterprise requires timely insights and maximum visibility into how every function of the business ecosystem connects. Whether it’s supply chain or sourcing, manufacturing or logistics, finance, transportation or any other functional area of the organization – focusing on operational excellence helps drive efficiencies, decision… Read More »