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Machine learning for Telcos 5G: a network of networks

March 13, 2018

According to GSMA Intelligence there are more than 8 billion mobile connections in the world today – a billion more than there are people on this planet. This is growing at a phenomenal rate, with over 25 billion networked devices expected by 2020, attributable largely to 5G and the internet of things (IoT). You only… Read More »

How a Telco Values Customer Loyalty Using Teradata and Advanced Analytics

January 10, 2018

Evaluating customer value management (CVM), where business try and understand the overall profitability of a client now or into the future, is paramount to success in the highly competitive world of telecommunications. But when companies adopt a “fail fast” mentality, exactly how far these companies can drill down into the many indicators of CVM, leveraging… Read More »