Top 4 Big Data Applications for Best Value And Competitive Advantage

Top 4 Big Data Applications There has been much talk and glorification of big data and the revelations that this can bring a new day to competitive advantage, there hasn’t been as much talk about the specific issues and problems that organizations can now address with great strength and insight.

The following discusses four of the most valuable big data applications or uses of big data to bring value to the enterprise and to give organizations advantages in their competitive marketplace.

1. Big Data Applications and Enhanced Cyber Security

Cyber security should be first on the to do list of all enterprise IT and IT cyber security practitioners. When you discuss big data and security, it’s about the ability to gather massive amounts of data in order to discover insights that predict and help prevent cyber attacks. The opportunity for incredible results was always there, but now there have been huge leaps forward in technology. There are now tools and techniques that enable enterprises to stay ahead of the perpetrators. A combination of big data analytics with specific security technologies that yields today’s strongest cyber defense posture.

2. Get The Most Advantageous View of Your Customers

Construct a fuller 360o view of your customers by adding more data sources – internal, external, proprietary, open source. Paint a fuller picture, allowing the organization to better understand customers and find advantageous means of communicating with them. Understand what when and why they buy, why they don’t or what they might buy next time.

3. Improving The Data Warehouse To Improve Business Insights

Use big data applications to improve decision making. Data stored in many different systems can be brought together for greater access and better decision making. Fold in big data and leverage advanced data warehouse capabilities to increase operational efficiency – and enable new forms of analysis. Use new technologies like big data specific platforms to create the opportunity for analysis of disparate data types. More data and broader data sources yield insights for stronger competitive advantages.

4. Big Sensor Data And Big Advantages Using Big Data Applications

Consider the opportunities analyzing things like machine and sensor or operational data can do for improving customer service and overall business results. The boom in and current pervasiveness of IT machine data, sensors, meters, GPS devices and myriad more requires analysis and combination with pertinent internal and external data sources. By employing not so complicated big data analytics, organizations can gain real-time visibility into operations, mechanical situations, customer experiences, transactions and behavior. NCR now receives telematics data from devices around the globe to determine the health of the equipment. The benefit? NCR sends digital repair instructions remotely or sends technicians with the correct equipment, to the right device, at the right time. Downtime can be planned or even prevented.

The benefits of big data analytics and tailored big data applications are very real. These are just four of the top uses for the new wealth of data. Many organizations have found many advantages in their explorations with big data.

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