Webinar Sneak Peek! Making Friends – How Your Professional Network Reveals LinkedIn’s Digital Marketing Secrets

By | August 14, 2012

It took until well into my 30’s – um, my *late* 30’s – to learn I was quite popular. Having been the awkward kid in elementary school – spindly, ungainly, and with an awful eye toward fashion – having 699 connections on LinkedIn makes me feel like I’ve arrived. I’ve long blown past the coveted “500+” marker that identifies one as the quintessential networker.

I have two comments to make right off the bat for those who question my enormous network:

First: I know them all – each and every connection – in some very real professional context. I don’t just troll LinkedIn for the fun of it hoping to bolster my numbers. It ain’t Facebook.

Second: (And, this is a doozy!) It’s not my fault. Haven’t YOU ever noticed the uncanny recommendations in the “People You May Know” app? It’s surreal. I can’t log-on without some blast from my past making an appearance in the list. And, then I’m compelled to connect.

But, all of that is by LinkedIn’s design. LinkedIn is one of the most sophisticated analytics-driven organizations you can find. (And, you can register here for an exclusive webinar to learn just how they do it! They’ve been able to analyze a vast sea of data to drive massive effectiveness into their marketing efforts to tempt advertisers, attract subscribers, and keep users (like me) totally rapt with the service. It’s the ultimate in digital marketing optimization. Taking a cue from some of the nutty titles and monikers we LinkedIn junkies sometimes anoint ourselves with, I’d coin LinkedIn as the Digital Marketing Optimization Guru. Or, maybe Czar?

Either way, just think of the data that is at LinkedIn’s collective fingertips: social connections, company followers, group affiliations, email campaign responses and more.

In fact, driving advanced analytics deep into the organization has allowed LinkedIn to improve email campaign results by as much as 5000% (And, that’s not a typo).

I could tell you LinkedIn’s inside secrets so you could achieve these same miraculous results (I mean, aren’t they really?)… but, who knows how much trouble I’d get into.

So, wouldn’t it be better to hear it from LinkedIn directly? Here’s your chance. Simon Zhang, Director, Business Analytics for LinkedIn, is featured in an upcoming Teradata sponsored webinar on August 28th. You can register here!

LinkedIn will share cutting edge, data-driven capabilities available to ALL digital marketers – like you – so you can drive those same insights and results. It’s a rare chance to learn from one of the most forward-thinking digital marketers out there.

As for me, I’m still waiting on number 700. Any takers?

Colleen Quinn 

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