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Can Super-Powered Messaging Save Datapolis?

October 2, 2012

The lines at clinics, hospitals and pharmacies seemed endless. My people, the people of Datapolis, were growing wearier by the day… The targeted, on-time communications intended to inform citizens about new healthcare options and relieve stress on the system were arriving late, or being delivered to the wrong consumers. And in many cases, they weren’t… Read More »

Evil Strikes eCommerce

July 19, 2012

Thanks to Illumino, the citizens of Datapolis are still able to get their medicine and Frackture is being kept at bay; however we both have our hands full and a new crisis is on the horizon. Our data scientists and engineers have informed me that a new evil force is threatening The Exchange. The Exchange… Read More »

Mega-Industries Battle Big Data Villains

May 14, 2012

The industries that fuel our world’s economic well-being are being attacked by a growing legion of analytic supervillains. Has the time come for Analytic Heroes to prepare for battle? If your organization is faced with one or more of the challenges in this infographic, share it with those who are working to overcome them. –  Posted by Dr.… Read More »

Call to join the League of Analytic Superheroes

March 16, 2012

      Friends, it’s with a burdened heart that I inform you of strange and mysterious happenings in the city of Datapolis. In this bustling metropolis, amongst impressive edifices of commerce and government, people are making suboptimal decisions based on emotion and guesswork. This chaos threatens our way of life, and possibly our very… Read More »