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It’s all because of Snowden – Really?

January 29, 2014

You can’t open a government trade publication these days without bumping into some article about Edward Snowden, and not just US focused publications. His story has had global coverage. There is no doubt his actions are forcing change, for better or worse, within governments around the world. Just this morning, as I was perusing through… Read More »

Disparate Conclusions

December 16, 2013

I’m always amazed (frustrated?) at how often two or more groups can investigate a situation and walk away with very different conclusions, each substantiated by “facts”. One would think in this age of data and analytics it would be ever easier to have groups come to the same or, at least, similar conclusions because, in… Read More »

Government Cyber Defense – Pay Now or Pay (More) Later

December 11, 2013

Officials in the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD), located in Arizona have serious dilemma on their hands. They are one of the more recent victims of a data breach, one that has the potential to affect nearly 2.5 million people. Ouch! For the complete story, I feel for everyone in this situation, with… Read More »

I Can’t Believe They Didn’t Know…

September 19, 2013

I’ve often heard people ask, if analytics and data warehouses are so great why did (name your crisis) happen? You know, that is a really good question! And my immediate, albeit, tongue-in-cheek, response is to ask; “If ERP and CRM systems are so great, how do companies still lose things in their supply chain and… Read More »