Digital Marketing Optimization is the New Black

By | May 23, 2014

14.7 million.  More than the populations of either New York City or Los Angeles.   15-times the number of Apps in the iTunes Store.   Nearly one-and-a-half-times the number of Starbucks cups of coffee sold every day. It’s a huge number. For what?

That’s the number of results Google returns when you search “Digital Marketing Optimization.”  It’s a hot topic. Every company with an online presence – and that’s every company – is looking for ways to squeeze efficiencies out of their marketing budgets, and deliver the right message to the right audience on the right channel.

Lots of technology providers want a piece of the digital marketing pie. But, not every digital marketing strategy measures up. Even though Google touts 15 million results for digital marketing success, there are only a few companies who innovate in this space crowded by also-rans.

Digital marketing leaders know that the difference is in the data. And, the best marketers look to science to drive big results.  The time for Mad Men has passed – today’s best marketers need to be Math Men (… and women!)

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P.S.  Search “Big Data” and you get a mind-boggling 2.1 BILLION hits. Listen here to learn how Netflix makes sense of billions of audience data events every week.

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