How do you get started with transforming to data-driven marketing?

By | January 8, 2014

Your company omni-channel strategies will set the stage for your marketing capability priorities and roadmap. What marketing and analytic capabilities are most important in order to support your corporate strategies? And once the roadmap has been developed, you need to assess your readiness and determine where you are on your roadmap. What data do you have today? What new data types and sources are needed? What additional tools and infrastructure need to be implemented? What are the skillset gaps that must be filled?

Once you have established your priorities and roadmap for data-driven marketing, the best way to start is to Integrate and Understand your customer data. You may need to bring new data, for example click stream or social data, together with your existing customer data. You may also need to implement new business rules and processes for identifying customers across channels. This gives you a robust view of your customers and their behavior across all of your channels. You can understand your most valuable customers, what they buy and where and how they shop.

Using this robust customer data you’ll be able to Discover and Predict new behaviors and patterns like “what products are frequently researched online and purchased in store?” or  “what personalized recommendations or content are most relevant for this customer?” These new analytics will give your deeper insight into your customers and their shopping behaviors.

The key to data-driven marketing is to be able to Act upon your customer insights and Optimize customer communications. Think about new ways to use your data and marketing tools to craft effective marketing messages so you can reach out and interact with your customers in a more personalized way. Here’s an example of personalization that I recently experienced. A retailer reached out to inform me that my rewards certificate was expiring soon. In addition, they provided product recommendations and an invitation to make an appointment with an in-store stylist. I really appreciated this and as a result, shopped and used my rewards certificate!

All this enables you to Execute and Deliver….to create a dialog with your customers with the right message, at the right time (which may be real time), in the right channel. And that dialog includes your stores. Deploy the right information to your store associates to improve their effectiveness and enable them to provide value added service to today’s well informed consumers.

– Leslie Dinham

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