Partners 2012 Theater Presentation: A Challenge to the Consumer Goods Industry

By | October 29, 2012

Last week the Teradata Partners User Group Conference provided a theater area within the exhibit hall for industry presentations.  My session for Consumer Goods was titled, “Challenging the Product Innovation Status Quo with Integrated Data.”  The audio was recorded then overlaid on the slides so you can view and listen to the replay in the following video.

The abstract for the session was:

For branded Consumer Goods Manufacturers, growing the top line has become a priority but remains challenging given global economic malaise and price sensitive consumers.  Differentiation, margin and ultimately growth can be found in innovative new products, yet successes are few and far between.  An integrated data foundation is an essential element in developing and launching innovative products that succeed in the marketplace.  This session will explore trends driving Consumer Goods executives to pursue an integrated data foundation that not only supports innovation, but also fuels critical insights at the “speed of business” for the entire enterprise.

If you’d like a copy of the presentation shoot me an email.

Gib Bassett


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