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You Don’t Have to Make A Deal With The Devil To Go Viral

January 22, 2014

It’s a sight not all that unfamiliar to new parents: an ashen, red-eyed baby, shrieking uncontrollably and spewing bile in its path.  In fact, come on over to the Quinn household, and you can witness the excitement first hand. But, if you’ve been on any social network lately – and you haven’t been hiding under… Read More »

Warner Bros’ D2C Puts Pedal to the Metal with Eye Opening Results

October 3, 2013

As Hollywood shifts into high gear around direct-to-consumer engagement, content creators and distributors are working fast to develop the know-how and analytic capabilities to execute. There’s a lot to consider, especially for organizations that are new to the D2C fray. Cut to Warner Bros., who is leading the charge among Hollywood Studios in developing rich… Read More »

Good Things are Worth Waiting For

July 12, 2012

Digital marketing is nothing new – it’s been a near-constant topic of discussion, frustration and innovation even before Google blew the doors off the market with their launch of Adsense in 2000. (Note to self: Shoulda bought GOOG long-before it cracked $500. That’s why I’m in Media and Entertainment, and not finance.) Still, anyone working… Read More »

Watershed Moments In Internet History: Mark Your Calendars. Google Won.

June 25, 2010

June 23rd 2010. 6/23/10. It’s a real shame the numbers don’t have more of a ring to them. A verdict on the 10th of October (e.g. 10/10/10) might be more resonant. But, even if the date doesn’t roll off the tongue, mark my words: this is a date which will live in infamy for content… Read More »

No Problem… I’ll Buy It on Amazon

May 18, 2010

I live and die by the internet. I work remotely, and have loads of embarrassing evidence of angry confrontations with my spouse over *my* allegations of *his* abuse of bandwidth while we work from our home offices. (It’s never his fault, but I’m Italian, and we have tempers. We blame people. It’s in our blood.)… Read More »

Sorry I’m Late, Boss—Blame the Volcano. A True Story of One Woman’s Need for Real-Time Data. Now.

April 27, 2010

This blog was supposed to be about the launch of Twitter’s new ad service, albeit belatedly. I also considered talking about Gawker’s coup this week, paying a handsome sum for a forgotten Next-Gen iPhone left-behind in a bar. But, let’s get real. These things aren’t top of mind for me right now.   Why? Because… Read More »

Don’t let Oscar Fool You—3D Is Here

March 10, 2010

Well, James Cameron didn’t exactly walk away empty-handed from Sunday’s 2010 Academy Awards, winning three Oscars in predominantly technical categories out of nine nominations. But, I’d be willing to bet he expected an even-bigger armful of the trophies, especially considering that Avatar is THE biggest box-office success in the world, ever. While the awards weren’t… Read More »