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Data-Driven Marketing at Sirius XM

November 2, 2015

With increased competition and media consolidation for audience share, content programmers and distributors are more focused than ever on how to attract, retain and engage their consumers. For companies like SiriusXM – the world’s largest satellite radio provider – new competition and distribution channels, like mobile and web, create opportunities and challenges. Despite different opinions… Read More »

The INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) Fuels Marketing

August 12, 2015

Twice as many “things” vs. people connected to the Internet today. 9 billion connected devices by 2018. The Internet of Things (or IoT) refers to the notion of extending the communication revolution to objects – a new reality where objects are interconnected and tech-enabled. When objects connect to the Internet, they become smart and can… Read More »

BRIDGING The Consumer Products CMO-CIO Divide

July 9, 2015

collaborate col·lab·o·rate (Verb) >> Work jointly on an activity, esp. to produce or create something >> Cooperate traitorously with an enemy IT in Consumer Packaged Goods organizations has historically been viewed as a “necessary” investment vs. “strategic” investment and for those CPG organizations looking to leapfrog their competition – to be their customer’s (aka retailer’s)… Read More »

The Consumer Products SEAMLESS Consumer Experience

June 23, 2015

When a consumer isn’t happy with the product she just bought, where does she go to complain or ask for help? She might go back to the store, or call the manufacturer or the retailer, and she might go to the manufacturer’s web site. But more than likely, she’ll hop on Facebook or Twitter to… Read More »


May 21, 2015

Consumer goods marketers employ a cadre of contractors, agencies and consulting firms. That’s not going to change rapidly in the next 1-2 years, but what will change is the role these parties play with the Consumer Goods manufacturer. Something must change. According to a recent Deloitte survey of 4,047 respondents encompassing 28 product categories and… Read More »


May 8, 2015

The television advertising spot remains a mainstay in the CPG industry’s never-ending quest to differentiate and increase sales. Meanwhile, all things digital have swept over the industry landscape. In parallel to mass media, agencies acting on behalf of brand marketers execute all manner of digital marketing campaigns, but without an eye for capturing, integrating and measuring these… Read More »

Putting the “Millennial” in Marketing

September 10, 2014

Justin Honaman :: September 2014 The world of marketing is rapidly changing and for many marketing leaders, millennials are at the top of the priority list from an engagement perspective. The question I regularly receive from marketing leaders in Retail, Consumer Goods, and broader industries is “What are best practices for marketing to millennials?” Millennials… Read More »

CPG Content-Fueled Digital Consumer ROI

March 26, 2014

As CPG organizations aggressively pursue new and differentiated methods of connecting with consumers, they quickly find that there is an absolute requirement for integrated consumer data, technology to dig into the data to provide fast-insights, and a flexible toolset that enables marketers to act on insights in developing and executing future campaigns. Forward-leaning CPG marketing… Read More »

Boundaryless Analytics: Breaking Down Company Silos

February 17, 2014

“Boundaryless behavior laughs at the concept of little kingdoms called finance, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing, sending each other specs and memos, and instead gets them all together in a room to wrestle with issues as a team.”             –Jack Welch, CEO, General Electric With the accelerating pace of the Consumer Goods business today, the evolving… Read More »

The Path to Data-Driven Retail Marketing

December 19, 2013

Most retailers are aware of the dramatic shift that has impacted our industry. Digital disruption has fundamentally changed customers’ expectations of the shopping experience and the way they interact with retailers. The traditional four P’s of retail—product, price, promotion, and place—are almost unrecognizable today. It’s not about how you want to sell to your customers… Read More »