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The INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) Fuels Marketing

August 12, 2015

Twice as many “things” vs. people connected to the Internet today. 9 billion connected devices by 2018. The Internet of Things (or IoT) refers to the notion of extending the communication revolution to objects – a new reality where objects are interconnected and tech-enabled. When objects connect to the Internet, they become smart and can… Read More »

The NEXT-GEN Business (ANALYTICS) Analyst

August 3, 2015

in·dis·pen·sa·ble ˌindəˈspensəb(ə)l/ adjective 1. absolutely necessary, essential, or requisite 2. incapable of being disregarded or neglected noun 3. a person or thing that is indispensable. Indispensable. A descriptor for the “ultimate” business analytics analyst. Once achieving the status of “indispensable,” many career doors open (and remain open) as one contributes to the hottest growth area… Read More »

CONTENT Marketing Fuels Engagement

July 22, 2015

Great stories, told by great story tellers, via “creative” story-telling mediums, are differentiating marketers and their respective brands. As has been well-documented in just about every major marketing publication, content marketing is a top priority for marketers in 2015 (and will be again in 2016). Marketers recognize that the ability to tell a great story,… Read More »

BRIDGING The Consumer Products CMO-CIO Divide

July 9, 2015

collaborate col·lab·o·rate (Verb) >> Work jointly on an activity, esp. to produce or create something >> Cooperate traitorously with an enemy IT in Consumer Packaged Goods organizations has historically been viewed as a “necessary” investment vs. “strategic” investment and for those CPG organizations looking to leapfrog their competition – to be their customer’s (aka retailer’s)… Read More »

The Consumer Products SEAMLESS Consumer Experience

June 23, 2015

When a consumer isn’t happy with the product she just bought, where does she go to complain or ask for help? She might go back to the store, or call the manufacturer or the retailer, and she might go to the manufacturer’s web site. But more than likely, she’ll hop on Facebook or Twitter to… Read More »

Bringing Omni-Channel IN-STORE PICKUP To Life

June 15, 2015

Retailers today are investing in new and different ways to deliver on the promise of right product, right time, right channel, for the right customer. Top retail delivery priorities include Ship-From-Store, In-Store Pickup, and In-Store Associate Ordering – and each is evolving at a different pace across the industry. Last month, I hosted the E-Tail… Read More »

Mobility and CPG Consumer Marketing Strategy

October 30, 2014

OCTOBER 2014 :: Justin Honaman, Gib Bassett, Monica Mullen The Mobility Channel Overall, Consumer Goods marketers acknowledge mobility as an evolving channel for consumer engagement, but today’s activities are only skimming the surface of mobility’s full potential. Many Consumer Goods organizations aren’t prepared. Mobile capabilities include a variety of techniques, from text messaging to dedicated… Read More »

Putting the “Millennial” in Marketing

September 10, 2014

Justin Honaman :: September 2014 The world of marketing is rapidly changing and for many marketing leaders, millennials are at the top of the priority list from an engagement perspective. The question I regularly receive from marketing leaders in Retail, Consumer Goods, and broader industries is “What are best practices for marketing to millennials?” Millennials… Read More »

Are CPG Brands Ready for e-Commerce?

March 13, 2014

Among Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry professionals, there are few topics as perplexing as direct to consumer sales.  Even so, many are dipping their toes into e-commerce waters as the industry continues to face slow growth, more competition, and pricing pressure. Urgency is leading many to hastily consider direct sales channels – despite how it… Read More »

Integrated Marketing Management Begins and Ends with Data

March 12, 2014

Yesterday here at the Teradata Summit, Keith Henry, Vice President of Global Industry Marketing for Manufacturing, presented “Selling Through Retail in the Age of the Digital Consumer.”  In his talk, Keith described the opportunity to optimize spend across retail and consumer marketing channels by reigning in the myriad data sources scattered within and outside the… Read More »