Unlocking SAP Data…With Teradata Analytics

By | February 18, 2014

“You are now free to move about your data!”

Most consumer goods and retail organizations run SAP® for operational functions.  At the same time, they struggle to derive insights and manage the business most effectively on SAP data alone.  SAP’s data and analytic capabilities simply cannot account for the wider variety of data required to achieve the true supply and demand data synchronization characteristic of best-in-class companies.

SAP® is comprised of thousands of tables, complicated relationships and many levels of abstraction.  Also, extracting and integrating data from SAP® ERP/ECC for business analytics purposes has been notoriously difficult.  Making sense of the data and understanding its semantics is nearly impossible by examining only the physical database instances.

Teradata has solved this problem.  Teradata Analytics for SAP® solution is a flexible data platform that provides an alternative method of performing business intelligence (BI) and business analytics functions.  This solution simplifies the BI process by decoding and integrating SAP® data silos into the Teradata cloud or physical integrated data store for easy access and analysis.

For consumer goods organizations, the Teradata Analytics for SAP® solution is an important enabler for advancing the utilization of analytics within the enterprise.  Several key consumer goods business challenges are addressed with the Teradata solution:

  • Limited Access to Integrated Data
    • Unable to integrate data from multiple SAP® systems
      • This is a typical problem across the industry as many consumer goods organizations have grown through acquisition and maintain individual versions of ERP systems as the acquired companies operate independently
    • Difficult to achieve cross-functional analysis
      • The SAP® ERP and BW environments consistently demonstrate an inability, or inflexibility, in integrating multiple types of data.  Teradata Analytics for SAP® solution addresses this issue so that business users may derive insights quickly based on analytics that span data types
    • Gain an enterprise view facilitating better decision-making
      • Cross-customer, cross-brand/product/package views are difficult to assemble in SAP® where data may exist in multiple SAP silos.
  • Poor BI Performance / Report Latency
    • Complex and lengthy IT process to change report queries
      • Self-service, cloud-based reporting and analysis is the name of the game with Teradata Analytics for SAP® solution and the analysis may be conducted in Tableau, Spotfire, Microstrategy, or any other tool of choice
    • Inability to process large volumes of detail data
      • The Teradata solution is flexible and allows for data sets large and small; and of varying levels of complexity
  • Inflexibility
    • Inability to extend or change system to match business requirements / business process
      • Making changes to SAP® is costly as evidenced by numerous “SAP® Project Infinities” that consume CAPEX and OPEX dollars across consumer goods and retail organizations.  The Teradata solution is inherently flexible and enables low-cost-of-ownership BI.
    • Business users unable to create own custom reports
      • Teradata Analytics for SAP® solution provides self-service reporting and analysis capabilities

Breaking down data silos “is” the big idea in the consumer goods space and one that has been a priority as retail, consumer and shopper data sources have expanded in volume, variety and complexity.  For retail, the challenge is a bit different as it lies in leveraging insights from SAP® data with other types of in-store and online shopper data.  For both consumer goods companies and retailers, today’s dynamic consumer environment requires a real-time, demand-driven strategy to adapt to the changing marketplace.

Unlike other SAP® solutions that simply forklift data marts into SAP® Business Warehouse (BW) as independent data cubes with no integration, companies now have a single, fully integrated view of their business based on the data in their SAP BW and all of their other data.  With this capability, organizations can perform detailed, real-time what-if analysis, scenario modeling and forecast comparisons to drive the business forward.

Teradata Analytics for SAP® solution was created to simplify the process of accessing accurate business intelligence from SAP® systems, making analytics easier, quicker, more cost effective and efficient.

The bottom line:  To run the business, operational performance insights must span silos and support the needs of a demand-driven enterprise.  The operational side of the business may run on SAP® but business performance relies on insights that span data sets beyond SAP®.  The Teradata solution enables a single analytic view so that decision-makers can make decisions utilizing the right data, at the right time, to make the best decision possible.

Name:  Justin Honaman
Partner, Consumer Goods / Retail National Practice Leader
Teradata Corporation
@jhonaman / @TeradataCPG

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