Active Predictive Intelligence – the time value of knowledge

Monday July 18th, 2011

Active Predictive Intelligence is now giving authorities the capability to plan public health initiatives and pull economic leavers in a timeframe where they can actually make a difference. How much more valuable is it to know the penetration of a flu virus up to yesterday as opposed to up to 3 months ago?

Have a read of this article to see how Google’s search data is being leveraged to make predictions from data months before public bureaus have dreamed about doing so.
I think the tool they are referring in the article is Google Trends.

Fascinating to see how internet activity can be tracked, important social/economic/other insights accrued and predictions made which are so much more timely and accurate than previous methods. This is a game-changer capability for public authorities, but when you think about it, it’s a pretty simple solution – capture the search transactions, make that data available as soon as it’s captured to enable a “search on searches”.

So if Active Intelligence is so easy to do on a global scale why isn’t it as easy to do on an organisational level? Answer: it IS easy. Just take a look at Teradata’s Active Data Warehouse and Integrated Web Intelligence solutions.



Active Data Warehousing

Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence


Greg Taranto

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