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Big Data is a big “so what?” – Are you seeing Business Value?

Sunday December 2nd, 2012

Watch the replay of ‘ How Can Big Data Help You? ‘ that was live on Tuesday December 4, 2012 at 3pm (AEST). Featuring Alec Gardner and Teradata ANZ Chief Data Scientist Ross Farrelly. In the past few months, we (members of my team and I) have been attending and presenting at events on Big Data Analytics.… Read More »

MapReduce == Easy && Open Source != Accessible

Monday November 14th, 2011

I’m not a Data Scientist so I can generalise with some sweeping statements, still look myself in the mirror and sleep at night. I do think though Open Source technologies in the Big Data space are being given too easy a ride. The assumption that open source will mean low cost is too easy and in… Read More »

Quirky Australia

Friday December 24th, 2010

I was involved in an interview this past week where the discussion centred around the potential to be overwhelmed by the explosion of data we are experiencing in business and our everyday lives.  The journalists stated, “data is not information – it is meaningless unless you are able to analyse it”.  I agreed and added… Read More »

You Twit

Friday December 3rd, 2010

That’s a phrase my Mum used when I was being daft or whenever I got something simple wrong. Problem for me when I was little was that I was (and remain) the ‘Maths one’ in the family. My siblings work in the arts and as language teachers, as did my Mum so the things I… Read More »

Partnership and Marriage

Wednesday May 19th, 2010

I read somewhere recently that Teradata doesn’t marry well with an Oracle house. Now, that came as a big surprise to me – because Teradata is the Data Warehouse – the brains if you will – to the transaction platforms – Oracle, IBM, SAP or whatever ERP system our customers have – let’s call these… Read More »

Giving the unstructured some structure

Wednesday May 5th, 2010

At the moment a significant amount of my limited free time is being spent preparing for the new football season (I’ve mentioned before that I coach the Men’s Division 1 side at Mosman Football Club.   Whilst this is still amateur level, it is ferociously competitive and as a copious note taker, I have gathered… Read More »

Get to the point

Monday February 15th, 2010

I’m not particularly a fan of Tennis but I’m originally from Scotland so took a keen interest in the recent Australian Open and cheered for fellow Scot, Andy Murray.   I’ve come to realise in recent years how in Australia we have an increasing tendency to drag out awards ceremonies for major sporting events. I… Read More »

Teradata coming to a Universe near you!

Monday January 4th, 2010

Teradata Universe will be held in Sydney on Monday March 22, 2010 (Pre-conference Workshop) and Tuesday March 23, 2010 (Teradata Universe Sydney) and in Melbourne on Thursday March 25, 2010. Senior Executives from global Teradata Customers Bank of America, DHL, eBay, JD Williams to name a few will present best practice case studies on the Advantage of… Read More »