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Turning negative sentiment into positive outcomes

Monday April 30th, 2012

Over Easter I was driving through Geelong when one of my daughters started chirping “Daddy, that iPad is just like your one”. Looking around to see what she was talking about, my eye was drawn to a picture of an iPad on the back of a rubbish truck. On closer inspection it would appear that… Read More »

Rise of the machines

Sunday November 27th, 2011

It seems that we have been talking about machine-to-machine (M2M) communications for quite a while, but I have been yet to see the rubber hit the road. Simply it requires two things: Interfaces and communication protocols to enable machine to machine communications and Communication networks that can support this type of communications. While both have… Read More »

Turning Social Media Data into Information

Wednesday August 17th, 2011

Having a social media presence has rapidly become game stakes for the organisations that want to connect to their customer base.  However understanding the social “me” is far more difficult that putting up a Facebook page and hoping that I will come and tell you my problems. Everyone has a Facebook page, from Keith Urban… Read More »

A Moment of Truth

Monday April 4th, 2011

Many organisations are transcending to an altitude that they never would have considered a few years back. Even in their more lucid moments, the idea of collecting and analysing the volumes of unstructured data we are seeing today would not have been considered. The challenge that organisations are faced with is how to extract value… Read More »

The start of a journey

Tuesday February 15th, 2011

It has been a very long time since I have sat in a class room and experienced the frustration of not understanding what is going on.  But on Saturday morning my little girls started Mandarin classes, and being a good dad I am there in the back trying to follow along and encourage them along… Read More »