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Eat, Run, Share, Repeat

Wednesday January 13th, 2016

OK, I admit it, I over indulged during the Christmas break, but I would bet good money that I’m not the only one… ‘Tis the season to be jolly (read as fat) after all. In order to combat my expanding waistline, I strapped on my fitness tracker and went for a run. 4 miles, 32… Read More »

Let Cycling Guide you to Analytical Success

Friday October 2nd, 2015

“It’s not a race!” I hear you cry. Well perhaps not, but cycling in London certainly is competitive, whether that’s with other cyclists or against the thousands of other commuters which tackle London’s roads and rail networks every day in a quest to shave a minute from their journey time. It was on one of… Read More »

Keeping the data dynamite safe

Thursday July 23rd, 2015

Data is like dynamite – it doesn’t have its own ethics and it’s what we do with it that’s important. That was the verbal fuse-wire that Professor Mark Whitehorn used to ignite a roundtable Teradata hosted last month, discussing the explosive issue of data privacy. As a company that wants to tackle the issue of… Read More »