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Service Recovery that Deepens Relationship & Brand Loyalty

Wednesday March 22nd, 2017

Optimising customer’s revenue contribution depends heavily on a company’s ability to deepen and effectively maintain loyalty along with emotional attachment to its brand. There has been plenty of rhetoric around Customer Experience Management as the strategy to achieve this competitive edge. Yet the fact remains that the vast majority of such initiatives either concentrate solely… Read More »

Earning the right to engage with customers on their terms

Monday September 5th, 2016

Proliferation of contact points has been incredibly convenient for modern consumers who now dictate how and when they interact with a service provider. Correspondingly, ensuring ‘individualised’ experience that is consistent and positive has become exponentially more complex for businesses. Compounding this challenge is the entrenched position of Social Media in people’s lives today. According to… Read More »

Connect-the-dots to ensure “Great” Customer Experience – Part 2

Monday May 16th, 2016

In Part 1 of this blog series, we looked at how hyper-personalisation is fundamental to delivering “Great” Customer Experience at each and every interaction. Businesses need to “see the world as customers do” in order to appreciate the full customer context – i.e. each journey has to be managed end-to-end rather than as a series… Read More »

Connect-the-dots to Ensure “Great” Customer Experience

Tuesday March 8th, 2016

According to Gartner* , many business and IT leaders see the customer experience as a sustainable source of competitive differentiation. However two thirds of these executives believe they will be industry leaders, or much more successful than their peers, within five years. Clearly, this optimism will not translate into reality for everyone. Regrettably, a lot… Read More »