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Big Data Analytics: Moderne Wunderheiler? (Teil 2/2)

Freitag, der 10. November 2017

Von der Wunderheilerin zur modernen Behandlung Was würde eine Ärztin heutzutage anders machen als die Heilerin im Mittelalter? Zuerst würde sie eine gründliche ärztliche Untersuchung durchführen. So würde sie beispielsweise die Wunden sorgfältig untersuchen, vielleicht alle Vitalfunktionen testen und den Patienten auf versteckte Verletzungen abtasten. Sie würde weitere Informationsquellen, wie beispielsweise Bluttests, Krankheitsgeschichte oder familiäre… Read More »

Big Data Analytics: Moderne Wunderheiler? (Teil 1/2)

Mittwoch, der 18. Oktober 2017

In diesem ersten Teil meines zweiteiligen Blogs gehe ich darauf ein, was Wunderheiler des frühen Mittelalters mit heutigen Telekommunikationsanbietern gemein haben, und warum das ein Problem der Branche ist, dass weitreichende Folgen haben kann. Ich wünsche viel Spaß beim Lesen und freue mich über aktive Beteiligung! Big Data Analytics: Erfahrung mit einer Prise Glück oder… Read More »

The Rise of AI: Nothing artificial about this intelligence

Donnerstag, der 12. Januar 2017

Artificial Intelligence has seeped into the lives of everyone with an internet connection. Binge-watching television shows and online shopping carts full of suggested add-ons are commonplace, even though most consumers aren’t aware of what’s powering the recommendations. Algorithms are constantly hard at work, learning in real-time while users are sitting on the couch watching their… Read More »

„Internet of Things“: The off road drive to connectivity in India

Mittwoch, der 30. November 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is now gaining traction, reshaping the way we engage with our world in our day to day lives. A recent report that came out from Gartner states that the number of connected units, relating to the IoT, will reach 26 billion by 2020-a 30-fold increase since 2009. Will India accept… Read More »

The Big Bang! Where does the Big Data analytics future lie?

Montag, der 26. September 2016

Almost everyone can agree that big data has taken the business world by storm, yet what’s next? Will data keep on growing? What technologies will be created around it? Then again will big data turn into an artefact as fast as the following pattern — cognitive technology? rapid data? Discussing the fate of big data… Read More »

Why State Governments Need to get Smarter with Data!

Mittwoch, der 27. Juli 2016

Authored by Rajesh Kumar, Sr. Industry Consultant, Teradata India Pvt Ltd Due to its vast population of over 1.2 billion people the Indian state and central government agencies are trying to provision for delivering citizen centric services more effectively and efficiently. In a typical state government, the administrative machinery is divided into various departments for carrying… Read More »

Indian Railways next big station – Big Data Junction!

Donnerstag, der 12. Mai 2016

How’s this for thought? In the NDA’s maiden Railways budget presented in 2015, the word ‘technology’ was mentioned only once. There were another 13-14 references to Braille facilitated coaches etc but nothing more. In the light of this, the 2016 budget wasn’t predicted to be any different. Suresh Prabhu’s 2nd budget however more than made… Read More »

Put your fashionable foot forward as Big Data meets Beauty

Mittwoch, der 27. April 2016

The retail sector in India is emerging as one of the largest sectors in the economy and is currently valued at US$ 600 billion. Of this about 90% is unorganized retail and only 10% is organised however the balance seems to be increasingly tilting towards the organised space. In fact a recent study by Google stated that… Read More »

Retailing in the New World

Dienstag, der 12. April 2016

Today, enterprises that manufacture products aimed directly at the consumer are experiencing change in the route that is taken for these products to reach their target market largely – because of technology. That technology is Big Data backed by analytics. Developed markets are as usual, ahead in adopting this technology due to the better infrastructure… Read More »

How do I know my city is smart?

Montag, der 29. Februar 2016

The list of 20 smart cities out of the 98 shortlisted for the ‚Smart Cities Mission‘ was released recently. These 20 cities will be the first to receive funds, thus kick starting the process of developing them into ‚Smart Cities‘. 2017 and 2018 will see the inclusion of 40 and 38 cities, respectively. While some… Read More »