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Getting personal – how retailers must use data to make campaigns work

Thursday December 8th, 2016

E-commerce hands retailers bags of important data about customers, but there is always the nagging question about whether they are making the best use of it. We are not just talking about segmenting customers according to their age, gender and clothing size for marketing purposes, which is now pretty commonplace. No, retailers can really boost… Read More »

Managed Cloud – Offering Real Business Benefits for Organisations Globally

Friday November 18th, 2016

Managed Cloud – Offering Real Business Benefits for Organisations Globally Cloud is rapidly becoming the standard way of doing business and organisations globally are utilising it as a tool for innovation and business transformation. Those who successfully use the cloud to achieve growth will have a mature, strategic view of how best to implement and… Read More »

Cyber Security and the Art of Data Analytics

Friday June 10th, 2016

Who remembers the 1983 movie starring Matthew Broderick titled “War Games”? This was one of the first movies that piqued my interest in computer security. In those days it was the use of acoustic couplers to dial a remote computer and we could actually communicate with a remote pc which was fascinating for me. Before… Read More »

Next Wave of Business Intelligence: Prospering from Discovery Analytics

Friday October 11th, 2013

Recently, I came across a review of the book “Average Is Over – Powering America Beyond the Age of the Great Stagnation” by Tyler Cowen that highlights how the global labour market is changing radically which is creating a widening gap between the rich and poor. What is interesting is it seems high earners are taking… Read More »

Big Data and Analytics Trends to Watch in 2014

Monday September 30th, 2013

We are way passed the half way milestone in 2013 and are rapidly closing in on the three quarter marker as well.  It’s been a busy and interesting year here at Teradata with a clear focus on releasing products to enable Big Data Analytics, such as our Aster 3H appliance and the Teradata Intelligent Memory in-memory… Read More »

Why Organisations Should Have a Data Discovery Capability

Wednesday May 22nd, 2013

I have been struggling to reconcile two different thoughts over the last few months and watching a video recently forced me to think about this again. There seems to be a catch 22 between finding value in new data and having the tools and mechanisms justified by the value to find the value. Firstly I… Read More »

What You Can Expect at the Teradata Business Intelligence Workshops

Monday March 4th, 2013

Having just returned to Los Angeles from Spain, Las Vegas, and Savannah, Georgia, I’m now set to embark on a 3 city tour of Australia during March – my first time to Canberra, 2nd to Melbourne (where I cheered for Richmond at my first AFL game!), and my 5th time to Sydney. In all these places,… Read More »

Cost versus Value Metrics: You are What you Measure

Monday February 11th, 2013

A while ago I read an interesting paper by John Hauser, professor of Marketing at MIT Sloan School of Management titled, “Metrics: You Are What You Measure!” which he wrote jointly with Gerald Katz of Applied Marketing Science. Hauser and Katz emphasise the need and importance of choosing the right metrics as they influence behaviour… Read More »

Why don’t corporations love their data?

Thursday October 11th, 2012

It often strikes me as strange that some major corporations will invest billions on buildings, salaries, new product development, advertising and other “core assets” of the company and yet when it comes to the key data in the company there is often a “we not to bothered” attitude. You want to spend 3.5 million dollars… Read More »

Do More With Your Data – Build Business Value

Monday May 14th, 2012

I’m really looking forward to this week as we will be hosting Teradata Universe 2012 (www.teradatauniverse.com.au) in both Sydney and Melbourne. This year we are privileged to welcome some excellent speakers from around the world and it’s a great opportunity for our Australian users to benefit from their thought-leadership. We will have presentations from Barnes… Read More »