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“LEST WE FORGET” and the importance of Archives and personal records.

Monday November 29th, 2010

On Remembrance Day, 11th November, I remembered members of my family who had undergone military service, reflected on what I knew of their particular experiences and how I came to know these things. In all cases, I know very little except for the occasional comment by my Mum or Dad (who refused to talk about… Read More »

MDM and the Fashion Stakes

Tuesday November 9th, 2010

I was doing some shopping on the weekend, and while I have become used to shoe sizes being in different numbers, i.e. with some allowance for US, EU, UK, etc variations, I am still irritated by it.  Usually the shoes manufactured in China (mainly) for the global markets have tags with the various size systems… Read More »

Chargeback for Analytics as a Service: or “AS you like IT”

Thursday September 9th, 2010

With due respect to the great bard – I couldn’t resist the play on words. I’ve been thinking about my comments last year on Cloud Computing and the reinvention of the bureau service 40 YEARS on: From MOON to CLOUDS: What’s HYPE, CREATION and REINVENTION? and a more recent article “IT chargeback: A fundamental part… Read More »

A Wii bit of Pain Relief

Friday July 30th, 2010

Once again, research designed for one purpose (games) being used in another (healthcare). When I wrote about Cruiser and PhoTable (Nov 23 2009) I had a personal interest in my friend’s research, but this time I just saw a newspaper article London doctors use Wii-style technology to relieve chronic back pain, Scottish Healthcare, and got… Read More »

“On time and on budget!” but at what cost?

Wednesday June 23rd, 2010

How many times have we heard the Project Manager proudly announcing that they have delivered the project “on time and on budget” — and you cringe? Over the past 3-4 months there have been a number of news articles on the recent Queensland Health payroll system implementation and the aftermath of no payments, incorrect payments… Read More »

Why don’t they [IT] ever learn?

Friday April 16th, 2010

I was chatting with friends last weekend about work and the conversation led to discussing how hard IT seem to make things for users “STILL”.  As an ex-CIO who started out as an analyst/programmer in the mainframe days – I appreciate the need for controls (security, data quality etc) but we have come such a… Read More »

Getting the Time Right – Still

Monday April 12th, 2010

Since posting my previous blog Time and Tide wait for No Man I have noticed a few other examples of where the time had not ‘automatically’ adjusted for daylight saving changes.  I say ‘automatically’ because we all have to manually adjust a range of clocks – in our cars, wristwatches, domestic appliances etc., and of course… Read More »

2010 or 2016???– A HEX on you!

Wednesday January 6th, 2010

At first I thought the news reports of EFTPOS systems at a bank here in Australia not working with a ‘Y2K’ type of bug on New Year’s day were exaggerated – but the article in Tuesday’s Sydney Morning Herald Welcome to 2016: EFPOS Glitch Spreads points to a wider global problem. As soon as I… Read More »