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Pooling data and analytics to power greater efficiency in water utilities

Monday December 19th, 2016

Although water and power utilities face very similar pressures, they have tackled them with very different levels of success. Both sets of utilities face a common battle to reduce network operating costs, beat off increased competition and meet the increasingly complicated requirements of the regulators. Yet it is the power sector organisations that so far… Read More »

Information Management – From Vision to Practice Part 3 of 3

Wednesday July 13th, 2011

Information management is a program of work which requires strong business vision, guidance and governance. If these are not in place, good information management is hard and expensive and generally not doable without significant organisational pain. If these are in place, and are well-published throughout the organisation, there will be direct benefits to the organisational… Read More »

A Home with a View using Integrated Data

Thursday October 28th, 2010

With housing affordability increasingly out of reach for Australian “working families”, I am surprised a strategy and solution has not been devised to use information to give people a home with a long-term view. This could be achieved through creating an integrated view of relevant data to help make decisions on the home front.  … Read More »