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Creating a Unified Data Zoo

Monday November 17th, 2014

Scott Gnau, President, Teradata Labs recently presented at the 2014 Teradata Summit in Sydney and Melbourne, where he provided insights to attendees on the technology trends in the Big Data arena. He stated that finding insights from all the data is what Teradata is all about. To explain analytics and big data he used the analogy… Read More »

Cloud Adoption Drives Increased Need for Integrated Data

Friday February 28th, 2014

Using the cloud to quickly and easily deploy and “turn on” applications for use by the enterprise is turning into a tidal wave of adoption.  Applications like CRM are being deployed using cloud as-a-service providers at a rate of over 40% of the total market for those applications these days.  Other ERP applications are not… Read More »

Plugging the Data Leaks with Teradata Hadoop

Monday July 1st, 2013

Enterprise Data Warehouses and Data Marts for that matter have always had a problem to solve – triaging data prior to their extract and load into the Data Warehouse database.  There are many paths and mechanisms data can use to get to the data warehouse.  The common attribute of all these data paths is data… Read More »

Live Blog: eBay – Know What Your Customers Want

Thursday May 9th, 2013

Alex Liang from eBay (Session 2 – Know what your customers want) Alex took us through eBay’s core business model being the creating of markets and bringing buyers and sellers together.  He talked us through the legacy approach of matching buyer searches with merchant listings.  Then he showed us how they applied new behavioural analytics… Read More »

Big Changes in the Electricity Industry – Just look at the Telcos

Tuesday November 27th, 2012

Most people are aware of the big changes occurring in the electricity supply industry. These changes have been developing over the last decade and we have at least another decade of big changes ahead. Most of this change is being driven by 3 things: Increasing cost of energy supply (including focus on green energy and… Read More »

Part II:Comparing Dual (Multi) Active System Data Warehouse Solutions

Friday November 16th, 2012

In my last blog I pointed out the drivers pushing EDWs to jump a chasm to deploy multi active systems.  I also suggested some criteria to use when comparing multi active system data warehouse solutions. In this blog I will outline the solutions offered by the major EDW providers and suggest scores for each using… Read More »

Heavily regulated industries hide behind “Lack of Information”

Thursday June 14th, 2012

The following Sydney Morning Herald article “Power sector primed for overload” points to the possible “gold-plating” of the electricity network in NSW and therefore an unecessary electricity investment burden for all citizens. http://www.smh.com.au/business/power-sector-primed-for-overload-20120530-1zitp.html The argument is that the network operators (Transgrid and the electricity distributors) are incentivised to over-invest in the network. The more they… Read More »

Tug o’ War?

Monday July 26th, 2010

Join me in my tug o’ war as I walk the tight-rope to reach the Data Warehousing promised land.       Information  - Data Governance  - Agile Architecture  - Outside the Square Standards  - Creativity Data Quality  - Maximise data scope and volume Interface  - Cloud Security  - Self-service Data Integrity  - Completeness Metadata  -… Read More »