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Cloud Adoption Drives Increased Need for Integrated Data

Friday February 28th, 2014

Using the cloud to quickly and easily deploy and “turn on” applications for use by the enterprise is turning into a tidal wave of adoption.  Applications like CRM are being deployed using cloud as-a-service providers at a rate of over 40% of the total market for those applications these days.  Other ERP applications are not… Read More »

Destined To Repeat The Boom Bust Cycle For Data Warehouse Funding

Thursday February 28th, 2013

I just came back from a Data Warehouse project meeting and all is well and the funding for new data conversion and load has been committed.  It’s all go again . . . . I cannot help but feel though that we are headed for another cycle of boom – bust as far as Data Warehouse project funding… Read More »

Review of the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report

Thursday February 14th, 2013

Just as December is always thought of as Christmas time, so too in the technology and consulting world early February is Gartner Magic Quadrant® time.  The similarity extends as at both times of years you get boxes delivered.  At Christmas, the boxes contain presents.  In February, the question of interest for technology firms is which… Read More »

“Sure to be sure to be sure to be sure”

Thursday May 31st, 2012

I attended the Teradata Universe conference in Sydney two weeks ago and listened to the presentation by John E. Rusnak III the CIO of US Transportation Command, Defence Logistics Agency, US Army and the US Air Force who is technical director of the Mitre Corporation.   Mitre Corporation is really at the forefront of high availability!… Read More »

Unity amidst diversity

Tuesday May 8th, 2012

Organisations have a life of their own. Sometimes they expand and at other times they contract, much as how the lungs expand and contract with breathing that provides life to us! However, barring the times when I perform Pranayama to control my breathing, most of the expansion and contraction of my lungs is an involuntary… Read More »

PART 2: Addressing Demand and Capacity

Wednesday April 11th, 2012

As I covered in my last blog entry, “Where did my capacity go?” the fact that there is increased capacity for processing work leads to more work being done. So how does one accurately forecast the projected capacity requirements when all of the facts aren’t readily available? Simply put, you need to get in tune… Read More »

PART 1: Where did my capacity go?

Monday April 9th, 2012

A common question I have been asked by customers over the years after they have upgraded their systems is, “Where did my capacity go?” This can be a difficult conversation to have. As I was researching other items, I came across a Wikipedia entry on Jevons’s Paradox. It states, “In economics, the Jevons paradox (sometimes… Read More »

Partnership and Marriage

Wednesday May 19th, 2010

I read somewhere recently that Teradata doesn’t marry well with an Oracle house. Now, that came as a big surprise to me – because Teradata is the Data Warehouse – the brains if you will – to the transaction platforms – Oracle, IBM, SAP or whatever ERP system our customers have – let’s call these… Read More »