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Making Smart City projects smarter with Smart Organisations

Wednesday March 29th, 2017

Smart City Smart City is a future vision state of a city that is fully optimised and highly efficient in managing its resources (i.e. energy, mobility, building), quality of life (i.e. social, health, environment) and is innovative in how it operates (i.e. education, economy, research). Smart City projects aim to alleviate traffic congestion, prevent water… Read More »

IoT will accelerate industry convergence and structural disruption

Tuesday October 25th, 2016

Convergence of T, IT, IT&T to IoT When I first started working in the Telecom industry over 30 years ago, the telecommunication (T) and information technologies (IT), functions, systems were completely distinct and different with their own individual disciplines. Over a period of time they changed progressively to become IT&T. Today, the telecom industry is… Read More »

Internet of Things – Lessons from an IoT prototype project

Monday August 22nd, 2016

The Internet of Things, commonly known as IoT, is spreading at a much faster rate than what I initially thought it would about a year ago. I have been curious to learn about what IoT is all about and encountered a large community of contributors and followers in the two dominant open source forums, Arduino and RaspberryPi. Both… Read More »

Which Open Source technologies are suitable for your Big Data roadmap?

Monday June 27th, 2016

Recently, I developed a handful of demos using open source technologies for detecting and alerting fraudulent events, incidence of poor customer experience and arrival of target subjects in geo-fenced locations for marketing purposes. The use cases required detection of individual events from streaming data sources and processing complex set of rules for identifying events of… Read More »

New Privacy Laws Imply Data Scientist by Day, Lawyer by Night!

Friday August 15th, 2014

Australia’s newest privacy legislation came into force in March this year. If you have not reviewed it then, you are missing a key component of the evolving digital economy that is impacting everyone. Whether you are a consumer (i.e. Individual as we all are), Marketer, Business Intelligence Manager, Chief Data Officer, Head of BICC or… Read More »

Why Net Promoter Score is Not a True Measure of Customer Satisfaction

Wednesday July 16th, 2014

Among all the customer satisfaction measures, Net Promoter Score (NPS) stands out as the Real McCoy. We can see why, because NPS is considered to provide direct contribution to the bottom line of the corporate financial books.  That is the theory anyway! As we know, in theory, theory is the same as practice but in… Read More »

Schema Freedom with NOSQL, but Not Free of Information Governance

Wednesday April 30th, 2014

The Big Data movement is giving rise to runaway growth of new file systems and databases with various types of data access mechanisms that attempt to link connotations with SQL but differ widely in their architecture, usage (application), development and implementation approaches. As a result, there is confusion around their use in business intelligence and… Read More »

The Need for Tactfulness in Big Data Analytics

Thursday February 20th, 2014

Big Data allows companies to market to specific customers more so than previous attempts at targeted marketing. Marketers get excited about the readiness with which  variety of data sources are available at their disposal (viz. customer call detail records, payment / prepaid top-up behaviour, online searches, social network activity, billing, etc). While Big Data Analytics… Read More »

Making Better Decisions Through Discovery Analytics

Tuesday December 3rd, 2013

According to John Maynard Keynes, the famous macro-economist , when choosing between the alternatives we often fall back on our motive or sentiment or chance, because mathematical basis is inadequate in human decision making under conditions of uncertainty. This does not bode well and is in contrast to predictive analytics where mathematics and statistics play… Read More »