Top 10 Takeaways from Teradata Partners 2014

Thursday October 30th, 2014

I have returned home from this year’s Teradata Partners User Conference refreshed and reinvigorated. It is an event like this which allows open sharing of ideas and concepts, real examples and lessons learned which inspire additional creativity in all of us. It is a monumental challenge to try and summarise an event of this magnitude into just a page or two of content, but let me take a shot at it!

JBerg Partners

Here is my Top 10 list of content to come out of Partners 2014

1. Data Driven: Perfect theme. The choice for this year’s theme was spot on. There is no escaping it, if your business isn’t being driven by data and analytics; it really isn’t being driven at all!

2. The speed of business is increasing. Quite a few of the sessions and discussions revolved around moving quickly on analytical insights to have competitive advantage. Continuous delivery, discovery environments and agile methodology were hot topics.

3. “Big Data is exciting; proceed with care.” New technologies are not necessarily the answer when you haven’t even discovered the question.

4. “Fail fast, but succeed faster.” Leading companies embrace the concept of a data discovery area to trial and test new data and analytics before going through the formalities of productionalisation. This increases time to market as well as reducing cost.

5. The “UDA” look. I saw quite a few guys sporting what I nicknamed the UDA – jeans, business shirt or clever T-shirt, and the sport coat or jacket. This is a hybrid mix of the “hoodie” crowd and the “suits”.

Scott Gnau Partners

6. This is a business event. It was reported that there were more attendees from business and marketing backgrounds than from IT. Business outcomes in the use of data and analytics was a key focus.

7. Hadoop is good, but it isn’t a Data Warehouse. Hadoop is still evolving and becoming more and more feature rich in each release. There are great use cases for including Hadoop into data architecture, but replacing the data warehouse isn’t one.

8. You meet many, many interesting people from all over the globe. The networking opportunities are fantastic. Not only are there structured sessions, but there are opportunities for 1:1 meetings through Peer Advantage as well as during the receptions and events.

9Teradata continues to expand its products and services. Several announcements highlighting technology innovations, service offerings and partnerships were made.

Teradata Partners 2014

10. Partners is fun! Sure, you can point out the obvious entertainment, such as the band Tonic playing at the Tableau event, or The Band Perry playing at the Grand Old Opry for the gala event. However, the most fun I had was engaging in conversation about how data is being converted into game-changing analytics. It was great to hear how a “DevOps” philosophy for continuous delivery is being applied to delivering UDA.

Yes, this is where the real fun of Partners was for me, and I look forward to doing it all again next year in Anaheim, California at Partners 2015. Hope to see you there!

John Berg is the lead Principal Consulting Architect for Teradata Australia/New Zealand, guiding market leading companies in the region further advancing their lead over the competition. John’s experience spans industry verticals including hospitality, banking, retail, e-commerce and government.

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