Top Five Watchwords for Implementing the Data Lake

March 18, 2015

It’s been nice to see industry discussion around liquid analytics and the data lake evolve beyond ideals and concepts and into the brass tacks of implementation.  A great example here is a story by’s Loraine Lawson on “Why Data Lakes Turn Into Data Swamps.”  Loraine reiterated the “data swamp” term during an interview with… Read More »

The Open Data Platform is an Answer to Our Hadoop Prayers

February 20, 2015

Nearly two years ago, in June 2013, I penned an article that appeared in Fast Company called “A Prayer for Hadoop.” In that piece, I made a heartfelt plea to the vendor community that supports Hadoop, or offers their own distributions, many of them Teradata partners, to unify our cause to help make Hadoop easier… Read More »

Teradata-MapR Partnership Brings More Simplicity and Choice Around Hadoop

November 19, 2014

Simplicity and choice are the dual signposts I mention whenever people ask how best to navigate today’s expanding universe of options in enterprise analytics.  Just as important, however, is to make sure these signposts point the same way so the two priorities remain complementary rather than in conflict. While businesses are realizing they can exercise… Read More »

Putting Next-Generation Analytics at Our Customer’s Fingertips

October 27, 2014

Back in January, I wrote a New Year’s roundup on several important crossroads in big data analytics for our industry. Among other things, I discussed the need for new techniques and tools to help more people make more sense of a digital universe whose size and complexity are expanding exponentially. I wrote how we need… Read More »

Teradata Cloud and Big Data at Netflix

October 15, 2014

I’ve said to many people over the last few months that there are misconceptions about the intersection of cloud and analytics.  Our position is simple: cloud deployment for analytic solutions should be simple, integrated, dependable, and about the geography.  True analytics can’t thrive in the cloud if limitations—like reduced functionality, performance or availability are introduced.… Read More »

Guest Blog: Bringing the EDH to the UDA – Cloudera and Teradata

October 9, 2014

It’s a pleasure to accept Scott’s invitation to post here, in conjunction with the joint announcement by Teradata and Cloudera of our deep new business and technical relationship. Our companies have been driving the state of the art in data management separately — Teradata for three and a half decades, Cloudera for six and a… Read More »

Industry Recognition for Best of Breed Excellence

September 10, 2014

Teradata customers have always seen how hard we work to deliver the data architectures they need today and simultaneously innovate for what they’re going to need tomorrow.  But it’s certainly great to see outside recognition on these fronts as well.  As summer draws to a close, I remain humbled and honored by the kudos we… Read More »