Pride and Progress as Forrester Recognizes Teradata as Hadoop Leader

By | March 3, 2014

My colleagues and I are immensely proud to see Teradata named a “Leader” in Forrester Research’s prestigious “The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014” report.  The Wave publications are granular in their comparative analyses of products and services, and the February 2014 Hadoop report is a much needed road map through a crowded and sometimes confusing marketplace of Hadoop implementations.

The honor is all the more gratifying for our having vaulted to the leader designation in record time, less than a year after introducing stand-alone, enterprise capabilities for Hadoop in the form of Teradata Enterprise Access for Hadoop and Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop.  The rest of our leader cohorts have all been in the market for a considerably longer period of time, and Forrester recognized how we have “moved aggressively” to offer a “unique, high-performance Hadoop appliance that few other vendors can match.”

I also think the top Wave ranking validates our integrated, best of breed approach in partnership with Hortonworks to incorporate Hadoop within our larger Unified Data Architecture (UDA) that includes Teradata Database and Teradata Aster Discovery Platform. This is no small matter in an overhyped marketing ecosystem prone to touting Hadoop as the end-all-be-all in big data analytics.

Fast Moving data-driven businesses can run into trouble when quickly adopting over-hyped technology. The Hadoop Distributed File System as a single data platform is one example. In bestowing its top Wave designation on Teradata, Forrester recognized the less dazzling, but more realistic truth that HDFS  works best when it’s harmonized with multiple and complementary analytic capabilities. The result is orders-of-magnitude improvements in usability and performance around multi-structured data that can be securely, accurately and lucratively managed throughout the data pipeline.

Finally, I’m proud Teradata has demonstrated primacy in a competitive industry landscape while still remaining true to Hadoop’s open source roots. As some vendors smother Hadoop’s potential in overly proprietary distributions, we pursue sensible corporate engagement with the open source community through code contributions back to Apache, HCatalog and related projects.  This can be tricky work, but it’s worth threading the needle to help bring Hadoop to enterprise-scale maturity while preserving some of its most dynamic and innovative qualities.

So thank you, Forrester.  And thanks to all my colleagues at Teradata and our partners at Hortonworks for working together to secure a recognized leadership position in enterprise-scale Hadoop deployment.  Together we’re solidifying Hadoop as a key enabler of next-generation data architectures.

Scott Gnau

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