Revelytix and Hadapt Serves our Goal of Making Hadoop More Enterprise-Ready

By | August 29, 2014

I wrote recently about how Teradata has embraced open source technologies in multiple ways over the years. Of course, Hadoop is the technology that at once remains open source’s biggest prospect and toughest nut to crack in terms of reaping value from data at the enterprise-level. So I think it’s worth some extra discussion.


Hadoop’s low cost, high capacity model is widely admired for managing varied forms of data on numerous tasks like search, scoring and data refinement. But it’s highly technical nature makes it difficult for business users to manage and comes with other hurdles I’ve written about before. Data governance and understanding metadata remain particularly vexing problems with Hadoop.

But again, the value in bringing Hadoop to enterprise maturity is too great to ignore. This is particularly true for our company as we continue to leverage Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop within our powerful, best of breed Unified Data Architecture. I’m also proud to cite two recent acquisitions that further underscore our commitment to optimize Hadoop as a production-scale analytics asset.

With our July acquisition of Maryland-based Revelytix, which builds data management and data wrangling tools for Hadoop, Teradata is bringing resources on board to tackle data governance, specifically metadata management, as a key ingredient to any analytics ecosystem. The Revelytix team has a deep history in metadata management and has had success with Revelytix Loom, its open platform for discovering, profiling, preparing and tracking data lineage in Hadoop. Revelytix also provides a key technology to enable the orchestration of enterprise-wide queries, central to our strategy around our recently-released Teradata QueryGrid set of intelligent connectors and product capabilities.

Also in July, we acquired Hadapt, a Cambridge, Massachusetts company known as a pioneer for deftly building an analytic platform natively integrating SQL with Apache Hadoop. Teradata will leverage their Hadoop expertise to build out our QueryGrid as part of the Teradata UDA.

We are thrilled to have the Revelytix and Hadapt teams joining us in Teradata Labs.

Many companies talk about open source commitments and dedication to customer choice, but less often do you see these kind of substantial capital investments that demonstrate true organizational commitment behind the words.

Scott Gnau

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